Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A Wedding to Bring Me Back

Oh hi there. Remember me? Probably not. I haven't blogged since October - which is kind of crazy when I think that it has been over 7 months and I think of everything that has happened since then. Between the holidays, wedding festivities, and just life in general I seriously cannot believe the year is almost halfway over.

But I digress. I figured what better time to come back to blogging then right after the wedding? I always LOVE reading about everyone else's weddings and seeing all the pretty pictures. So that's what I am going to do. And hopefully there are still a few of you out there who follow along :)

So since I haven't yet gotten back my professional wedding photos/video, today I am going to give you all a list. A Top Five list to be specific, of things I learned throughout the wedding planning process.

1. Weddings are Expensive & You Need a Budget. Obviously this is the most common fact about weddings. To be honest, we could have gone a cheaper route. We could have done more things DIY, not invited as many people, etc., etc. But in the end we were able to afford it all, with help from both sets of parents. But I believe it is really important to talk with your significant other from the start about how much you want to spend on this one day of your lives. It will definitely help avoid those pesky money-related arguments and also keep your bank account from dropping to $0.

2. Don't Compare Your Wedding to Others. This has to be the hardest thing for any bride to do. Between Pinterest, Facebook, blogs, wedding TV shows, etc. there are so many ideas and opinions out there! It's so important to remember that your day is going to be just that - YOUR day. Once I was able to get past what everyone else was doing/did I felt a lot less anxious and really made it OUR day and not someone else's.

3. You Will Not Get Any Cake. Sorry, but this is true for about 98% of brides. I was lucky enough to be able to actually eat dinner (which I know most brides miss out on, too!). My advice? Keep half of your top tier for next year, and enjoy the other half now - life is too short :)

4. Stick To Your Guns. Tony and I are far from being one of those unique couples who are totally non-traditional - but some of the things we chose to do were a little different from the norm. For instance, doing a first look was something that I wanted from the start. Days before the wedding I had multiple family members asking me if I really wanted to do that and giving me all of their reasons why we shouldn't do it and blah blah blah. Well let me tell you, I am SO happy we did a first look! It truly eased my nerves and made me feel ultra relaxed for the remainder of the day/night.

5. Not Everything Will Go According to Plan. Every bride says this, and it is true. Luckily for us, we didn't have any major hiccups on the day of the wedding, so I really can't complain. However, little things like my garter falling down constantly, the pens not working on the guestbook and me completely failing on the bouquet toss were just little things that in the end, do not really matter at all!

That's all my advice for now. Next week? A recap of my girls and me getting ready!


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