Thursday, October 2, 2014

Why I'll Never Be A Reality TV Star

I have to admit that I get sucked into reality TV quite often. My newest addiction is Total Divas. Before I ever even watched the show I was all like "wow, these girls look super slutty and annoying." And now I find myself feeling bad for Nikki and really liking Natty. And if you don't watch the show sorry for that completely vague statement.

So since reality TV is so popular I was thinking why couldn't I have a show?! And I answered that question with about a million different answers. And I wanted to share with you all today why I could never, ever, ever be a reality TV star.

I would have a hard time not looking at the cameras. I mean really, how do these people not just want to look at the camera and say something? I would probably become friends with the camera people and start including them in my life, which would mean looking at them when I was talking. I'm just saying, I think it's got to be hard to not want to look at the cameras that are constantly following you around.



Asking for redo's constantly. Obviously I wouldn't want to come off at a major biotch, so I would always be saying "hey, can we do that over? I sounded a little mean there." And that would defeat the whole point of reality TV so they would probably fire me. But I wouldn't want people to think that I am a mega mean person when it's that time of the month and I can't just tell them that because you're not supposed to look at the cameras and oh my God, this is why I will never be famous.

The obvious fact that my life isn't that interesting. Yeah, this is a biggie as to why E! or MTV or WE will never want to roll the cameras on my life. Here is how the majority of my time is spent: Wake up, eat breakfast, get ready, go to work, maybe hit up the gym when I feel like it, come home, make dinner, watch TV, go to sleep. And then on the weekends I do normal people things like grocery shop, laundry and the occasional dinner out. Sometimes I get crazy and travel here and there, but not in my private plane or anything. And I definitely don't have my own hair and make up person following me around while I do my mundane tasks. 



I would really hate to have to look presentable 24/7. I think the fact that sweatpants and a tshirt are my favorite attire might be a problem if constantly on TV. I would never wear heels. My hair would be up in a messy bun 80% of the time, and if it's the weekend chances are I am not wearing any makeup. The Kardashian's would be SO proud.

I'd probably weigh over 300 pounds from all the lunches and dinners out. Seriously, that's all these people seem to do. However, you hardly ever see them actually eating and/or drinking whatever they order. If it was me constantly going out to eat, I would always be drinking wine (and have the cameraman drive me home) and getting dessert. Because I'm famous and money is no object.



So there you have it, all of the reasons I will never grace the small screen. Too bad I'll never have my life out there for people to criticize and be driven around from brunch to lunch to dinner. For now I will just go back to being addicted to those people who are the stars of "reality" and just imagine how my life would be if I were them. Do you think you could be on a reality TV show?!

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