Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: A Mixed Bag

It seems like lately all I have had on my mind is the wedding. Maybe that's because I realized that we only have 7 more months until the big day. Which may sound like a lot of time, but the last 10 months that we've been engaged have seemed to fly by, so I know it will go quick!

So today I just wanted to throw all of my ideas/thoughts out there because having them just swirling around in my head is not a good place for them. Plus all you other brides out there are always so helpful and I am hoping you can provide some insight/suggestions/thoughts for me.

Sparkler Send Off: So this is the latest wedding add-on I have come up with. Since our venue is technically in a shopping center, I thought this would never be allowed or work. But then I started to really think about it because sparklers are so pretty and it would be fun. So of course I emailed our wedding coordinator and she told me "Of course we can do that!" So now I am almost 100% certain we are going to do one. I just have a few concerns.. What if people can't get their sparklers lit in time? What if the outdoor space isn't really going to work? What if too many people leave before we do it and then it just looks stupid? What if the photographer doesn't get the pictures right?

I guess I am just wondering if this is something that we should do. The cost if pretty low, and the venue says they can do it, so I am assuming people have done it there before. I cannot believe I am stressing out over sparklers.


Transportation for Tony + Me: Again, another add-on that I was thinking about and have looked into. The hotel we are staying at does offer a complimentary shuttle service, but I want our guests to take advantage of that more than anything. Turns out, there is a lovely limo company that will simply pick Tony + me up from the reception venue and drive us the 3.5 miles to the hotel for a mere $150. That may sound like a lot, but it includes "red carpet service" and "Just Married" signs - and the tax and tip for the driver. Plus it will look nice for photos as we go through our sparkler line and get into a nice Lincoln town car. Do I sound like a crazy bride yet?



Wedding Videographer: I did pull the trigger on this one and booked one! I am really excited and cannot wait to be able to relive our special day whenever we want to. Which probably won't be a lot (HAHA), but hey you never know. At least I know we will probably watch it on our anniversaries.

Other Random Things I Have Been Thinking About: 

-The guys' tuxes. I was a little worried about getting the right colors for the ties/vests for the guys' tuxes, but I was able to order the exact color swatch of the bridesmaid dresses, so we should be good. Also, Tony is being pretty on top of things when it comes to the guy's formal wear. He was the one who suggested him and me going and picking everything out by the beginning of November.

-Favors - I think we know what we are doing for this, but I just need to figure out how we are going to present them.

-Losing weight for my dress - obvious stressor that I am currently working on, but I am not going to really freak out about it until January. That's fair, right?

-Gifts for my girls. Again, I think I know what I am going to get, but I don't want to buy something too soon and then change my mind. That happens a lot. Surprise, surprise. 

Okay, so I think that's everything going on in my mind right now wedding-wise. 226 days to go!


Wedding Wednesday

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