Wednesday, October 1, 2014

To Video, or Not to Video?


So I am finally participating in Wedding Wednesday again. With less than 8 months to go, things are starting to come up on me quickly. That main thing being that I need/want to lose like 25 more pounds and at this point, that's feeling like a really hard thing to accomplish. Moving along..



Over the last few weeks I had been doing some research into a videographer. I know originally I thought this was something that we didn't really need and basically just unnecessary spending. But after seeing how amazing other bride and groom's videos have turned out, I am really reconsidering it. So like the thrifty bride that I am, I got price quotes from multiple videographers and found someone who had an amazeballs price. Almost half of what everyone else was going to charge.

Obviously I started thinking that these people must suck because why are they so cheap? Come to find out they are trying to reestablish themselves in the area and are just trying to get clients at this point. Okay, that works for me. And they told me that their price included travel, 5 dvds, a still photog (a little added extra), and mics to have on during the ceremony. 

Tony wasn't too hip on the idea of having another vendor to pay for and be there on our day. But when it came down to it, I think he knows that it would be special for me, and a great gift to give our parents, too, so they can always remember the day. 



So I want to know, other brides out there - how was your experience with a videographer? I haven't officially signed the contract yet, so please tell me if you think I am making a mistake and if it is just a wasteful thing I will never actually go back and watch.

Wedding Wednesday

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