Monday, September 15, 2014

I've Been A Super Bad Blogger

Yep, it's true. I have barely blogged, let alone commented on other blogs. So I am sorry. But today if you are coming here you get to hear about my weekend. And I am going to say my weekend sorta-kinda started on Thursday night because I only had a half day on Friday and it felt like a longer weekend because of that. Okay, moving along.

Thursday night Tony & I headed down to Baltimore to watch the Ravens take on the Steelers. This is a huge rivalry game and if you can go to the game, it's definitely not one you want to pass up on. We get to park in a super secret (not really) parking lot because of where Tony works, so we were able to get down there about an hour before the game and not have to walk too far. Fortunately the Ravens pulled out a big win and we had a great time screaming and cheering the whole game. Also, props to the Ravens organization for doing a really nice 9/11 tribute!



Side note - no, I don't own a Ray Rice jersey. Second side note, contrary to popular news stories, no there were not "tons" of people wearing Rice jerseys. MAYBE a dozen. Out of 71,000 fans. (Okay, so I didn't see ALL 71K fans, but I saw a lot and there were not many of those jerseys.)

Like I said before, I worked a half day on Friday, so the work part went super quick. My plans for the night consisted of making a home cooked meal and binge watching Parks & Recreation with one of my bridesmaids. And that plan was executed perfectly :)

Saturday was a day that I had been looking forward to for quite some time - bridesmaid dress shopping! I will admit, I was a little nervous it was going to be hard to find a dress that everyone liked & wasn't through the roof price-wise. We all had a fun time and I was secretly a little jealous that I didn't get to try on a bunch of pretty dresses!

After much deliberation we all agreed that the above dress was the winner! I didn't take any pictures of the back, but trust me when I say that it is simple, yet very pretty. The price was a tad higher than we had hoped, but I was able to get the store to take $20 off per dress. Oh, and the dress will NOT be in blue. My MOH's will be in Eggplant, while everyone else's will be Purple. 

Sunday was the perfect Fall day for me. All the windows were opened, football was on the TV, pumpkin-scented candles were burning & I had plenty of time to cook and get laundry done. Seriously the perfect relaxing day. In the evening Tony & I had a mini surprise party to go to. I may have had a bite of the best cookie cake known to man. 

This was such a nice little weekend and I am feeling refreshed & ready to take on the week! Next weekend is already looking pretty packed, but this is really what I love about Fall. What did you all do this weekend?!

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