Thursday, September 4, 2014

If You Knew Me In High School

Linking up today with Morgan + Libby.

Ah yes, high school. Unlike most of the people I hung out with in school, I actually enjoyed my four years at Delone Catholic High School. Yep, I was a Catholic School girl. Take that as you will. So anyways, I am excited about this little link up because my brain is in total vacation mode, so this trip down memory lane will be an easy one for me.

If You Knew Me In High School....

... You'd find me playing softball after school in the spring for the JV team. I wasn't cool enough good enough for the Varsity team. And I may still be a liiiiittle bitter about it.

... You would know that I didn't have a date to homecoming until my Junior year. And from that year forward would attend every school dance with Tony. And we would take cute pictures like this that still grace our house :)


... You'd probably wonder who my "group" was. I never really had a specific clique. One week I would sit with one group of girls/guys at one lunch table, and the next week be sitting with a different group of people. That's just how I rolled. And I love that I still talk to 70% of those people today.

... You would have laughed at me for my bangs. 


Good lord, those bangs.

... I probably would have made you a sub at my place of employment - Subway. And yes, those visors totally effed with my bangs. #bangprobz

... You saw me cruising around in my grey Saturn which was my first car. Also, you heard the story about how I totaled it, but it wasn't my fault (no really, it wasn't).

... You knew that Loren was my best friend and we could almost ALWAYS be found together on the weekends at either my house or hers.

Oh, and I was always super cool and edited my pictures like this.

... We all hated wearing our Catholic School uniforms, but then realized how much we loved them once we got to college and had to wear a new outfit every day.

... You'd know that I loved my marketing and computer class. And that was probably pretty obvious to everyone.

... If we were good friends you were probably in my Top 8. Side note - it's almost impossible to see your old MySpace page nowadays. So sad.


... If you were in the class of '07 or '09 you were probably annoyed at how obnoxious my class of '08 was because we thought we were super cool.

... You would've known that I loved talking about memories and would jump on this link up right away!

So I loved this link up and really had a fun time strolling down memory lane. 

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