Friday, September 19, 2014

High Five Fo Friday

So glad we are finally at Friday. This week kind of seemed to drag on and that's probably because it was my first full work week in almost a month. Tough life, I know. But anyways, I feel like I am sort of back on my blog game & wanted to link up with Lauren for H54F!

1. I have completely and totally been binge watching Parks & Recreation and I LOVE it. I want to be best friends with Leslie Knope so bad. And Ron Swanson because he really reminds me of Tony - but in the good ways. Also, I am almost through season 5 and am starting to wonder where I can watch season 6 for free, so if you have any suggestions TELL ME NOW (please?) And of course, P&R GIFs for your enjoyment.


2. I tried dry shampoo for the first time ever this past weekend/week and I have to say it's really a game changer. I mainly wanted to try it because I'm lazy and washing, drying & styling my hair every day is a lot of work and I just don't have the energy for all that. So by not washing it every day I was able to give off the illusion that I put a lot of work into my hair for more than one day this week. WIN. 

3. Confession: I was a complete & total lazy lard this week. I did not go to the gym one single day and I really do feel awful about it. My only excuse is that I had other commitments on Monday & Wednesday nights, but that's really not good enough. So I am promising myself (and this blog) that I will have my not-so-little butt back in the gym next week!



4. Another confession: I am mildly addicted to the Kim Kardashian game. I know I have talked about this before, but it's gotten bad guys. Like I am paying $5 a day to get more energy to complete fashion shows and dates and whatnot. And my fake boyfriend on the game is constantly telling me I don't look good enough on our dates (#rude). All of this wouldn't bother me if I didn't really despise that whole family and everything they stand for. But the game is fun, soooo...



5. I have a jam packed weekend ahead of me & I am really happy about it: pottery painting tonight, baby shower & bonfire tomorrow, and of course, football to watch on Sunday. And the fact that I am making crab dip and pumpkin cupcakes for two of these happenings also makes me really happy because I just love both of those food items. Which makes me not going to the gym this week even worse. Ugh, the struggle.

So I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and hopefully next week I will be back with even more fun & exciting content. (notice the sarcasm.)

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