Friday, August 29, 2014

Weekly Favorites, Of Course

Ah yes, the Friday before a holiday.. I am so glad it is here :) And that next week I only have to work three work days. Maybe I should have made that one of my favorites.. oops. So obviously I am linking up with Amanda for some weekly favorites. 


Weekly Favorites

// Tony randomly decided to take me out for a snowball. And then when we realized the snowball stand was closed, he drove us over to the next town for ice cream. It was very out of the blue and sweet and just made my night.


// We are ALMOST done with the renovation/remodel/whatever you want to call it of our bathroom. I plan on doing a dedicated post to this project, but let me just say now that I am in love with our new(ish) space. And I am beyond lucky that I have a guy who is an amazing DIYer.

// I started watching Parks & Recreation this week on Netflix when our cable wasn't working, and I love it! I am only on season 2, but it's definitely going to be something that I binge watch this weekend since I have nothing planned for tonight or tomorrow



// I lost one pound this week. Like I said in yesterday's post, it's going to be a slow weight loss process, but I am getting there week by week, so I am pretty happy about it!

// And a few things that really made me chuckle this week...


// There is only 7 more sleeps until it's Raven's game day! That makes me SO excited and I cannot wait to get back into my football season routine of watching the games on Sundays, eating some kind of chips and dip, and basically lounging on the couch all day. Like a complete dude. But I don't care because I like it.

// My Orioles are 7 games in front of the Yankees. Which, if you are an Os fan, you know that this is the best thing ever and can only hope that this is the year we could win it all. Or at least know that the Yankees can't win it all.


And that's all I have for this glorious Friday. I hope everyone has a fabulous holiday weekend filled with fun, food & adult beverages. Cheers!

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