Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Recap: Sunburn + Being Old.


Does anyone else feel like this summer is flying by? I really cannot believe that August is  halfway over. And things like going to the beach for the weekend really makes time go fast, too. So this little post will be a photo dump of my weekend of sunbathing and drinking/eating all things delicious.


We spent about 4 hours in the car Friday, but were able to get on the beach by 11 am. And we we're super intelligent and used tanning oil and not an ounce of sunblock. So that resulted in a lot of sunburn and painful showers. Also, it made us real tired and we were back in our hotel beds by 11 pm. #partyanimals. 

This is my version of a Kim K. pose. HA.

But before we acted like grannies, we did eat lots of crabs - a beach favorite of mine. And I thoroughly enjoyed a soft serve vanilla cone. So all was right in the world.



We got a good night's sleep and were back on the beach - this time with sunblock. We got a little smarter as the weekend went on. Can I just say how much fun it is to listen to other people's convos on the beach? And also there were so many cute little kids that my heart melted and I have never felt like that before. Obviously a sign that I am getting old and can't wait to have little monsters that I can call my own. But not for a few more years. 

Oh, and there was more sunburn. 


After our fun in the sun we went back to our room and showered/took a cat nap. Because we are old, remember? I tried to curl my hair and make it cute, but it wasn't really working for me. But I did get SOME cute pictures while it was still down. But it made its way into a pony tail by the time we got to the bar. Speaking of the bar, it was complete douche night where we went. And we had to pay a cover - something I am not fond of. But we had fun drinking and people watching.


We rode the drunk bus home and were in bed by 2 am. That's a little better, right?


It was time to start the trek back home, but before that we ate a delicious breakfast at the Dough Roller. It's kind of a tradition that we eat there before getting in a car for another 3.5+ hours. And there is always coloring, because now we have gone back to being 5 years old. Side note, it was kind of sad/funny that two 24-year-olds were sitting there coloring, while the actual 5-year-old at the table behind us was playing on an iPhone. Poor kids today. 


So it was a really fun little getaway. And I apologize if this post is anything but energetic, but I am really dragging today. And I have already started the countdown to my next trip - Niagara Falls! That is, if the government can issue Tony a passport and spell his name right this time. But that's another story for another blog post. 

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