Monday, August 11, 2014

Weekend Recap + Some Monday Motivation


Morning all! Okay, sorry that was too much excitement for a Monday morning. Anyways, here we are again, and after a (too) short, relaxing weekend I am now counting down the days until I leave for a weekend beach trip! This weekend I spent a lot of time out on our patio - something I am always happy to do! 

Friday my best friend came over and I made us a nice little dinner and we drank our Skinny Vine wine and talked about EVERYTHING. It was so nice to just relax and catch up and I feel like her and I need to do this more often. Saturday consisted of me lounging around and then having another couple and their adorable daughters over for a little cookout. Once again, a nice relaxing evening, and once again I didn't take any pictures. Because I am bad at life. Sunday was boring and involved me laying out and falling asleep in the pool and then watching trashy reality TV. Followed by a lot of shame on my part.

Moving along, let's talk about some motivation, shall we? I have been really motivated the last week and a half to get serious about working out regularly and also eating the right foods in order to lose some weight before the wedding. So I decided to jump right into it and take advantage of my can do attitude. The first step was to make a gym plan. For me, I do best when I have a plan or an activity (aka group exercise class) to attend. I was able to get a friend of mine to join me and we now go cycling (or spinning) twice a week. I absolutely LOVE the classes and I leave looking like a wet dog. As disgusting as that sounds, it's really an amazing feeling. 

My classes are nothing like this, I just wanted to use this GIF :)

Besides doing those classes, I plan to also work out the other 3 days of the week by just doing some light weights and 30 minutes on the elliptical. And I have been taking 1.5-2 mile walks every day at work during lunchtime. So let's just check out my FitBit stats from last week, shall we? (These stats are for 8/4-8/9) As you can see, I definitely was more active in the beginning of the week, but I still did at least 3 miles (and 7,000+ steps) Thurs-Saturday.

Next step - eating right. I was really successful with Weight Watchers in the past, so I decided to bite the bullet and rejoin (for the umpteenth time). This time around I am feeling very focused and have already stuck to my points target on days when, in the past, I would have just fudged the numbers and not been honest with myself. I'm happy to report that I even with having my best friend over Friday night, and another couple over Saturday, I stayed within my points range and felt really good about how the weekend went eating wise.

So what do I need from you guys? More motivation! Keep me motivated, please? I am going to try to post my Fitbit stats every Monday so that I will have to be accountable to you guys. What I am saying is that I need you all to make sure I show up every Monday, even if I didn't do anything all week. Can you do that? Ok, cool I knew you could. 

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Weekend Recap

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