Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wedding Nightmares: Volume 1

It happened again. I had another dream nightmare about our wedding day. I know this is normal because obviously the wedding is on my mind a lot, but it's getting a little annoying because it makes me worry about things I didn't even think I needed to worry about.

So let's just dive right into the nightmare, shall we? It was our wedding day, obviously, and it started out with me getting dressed and ready. I go to put on the dress and it doesn't fit correctly. It's way too big in the chest and the waist. So I was frantically looking around for a safety pin or something to fix the issue. And then magically my dress grew some buttons on the side and that fixed the problem. Weird, I know.



Next it's almost time for the ceremony to start when I can't find my MOH anywhere. And then when I do find her she's wearing a white dress that we did not decide on. I get really upset because 1) she's hanging out with the guests when we are about to walk down the aisle, and 2) she's wearing white. An obvious no-no.

Okay, so now I have found my bridal party and fixed my dress, but now I can't find the photographer and I can't remember if I ever even booked one and start to freak out because now I won't have any pretty wedding photos. (My subconscious was just being a jerk to me on this one because I did already book someone) So while I am freaking out in my dream about the photog, I notice that Tony's mom and youngest brother are MIA.



While all of this is going on from what I can only guess is a wedding from hell, it's time for me to make my way down the aisle to my groom. Even though the rest of this dream has been a nightmare, when I walked up to Tony I forgot about everything and had a huge smile on my face. I took his hand and right as the ceremony was about to begin I woke up.

Talk about a roller coaster. A lot of the stuff in the nightmare has to do with things that I am already thinking about - making sure everyone is in the right place at the right time, hoping Tony's mom and brother won't be late since he has to go to school that day, praying all of the vendors show up and nothing goes wrong.... But I was glad to know that even though my brain is stressing about these things, I know deep down as long as I am walking up to Tony on that May evening everything will be okay. 



Have any other brides experienced dreams/nightmares during their wedding planning process?

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