Thursday, August 21, 2014

Travel Bucket List


Lately I have been getting the urge to plan trips to all the places I want to see in my life. And since my bank account won't necessarily allow that right now, I am just going to make a travel bucket list for right now and just pretend like I am going to these places soon. And I actually am for one of them. So there. 

Also, please don't judge me on how simple this list may seem. I don't really get out too much, so I tend to think more realistically, and I know these places aren't probably that magical but I could see myself actually being able to visit them. And now I am just rambling so here's the list.


I have always always always had Italy on my list of places I need to go before I die. I am part Italian, and I just love almost everything Italian - wine, food, history, etc. My dream would be to go on a two week vacation and take my time exploring Rome, then going to Sicily where my family is from. I want to drink lots of wine, eat lots of carbs and basically reenact Audrey Hepburn's life in "Roman Holiday" (and if you don't know that reference, you need to see that classic ASAP).

Also, this would definitely be an amazing family vacation, but not until we have older kids. Because I am not going to go on my dream trip and then have a small child complaining the whole time. Sorry if that sounds selfish, but it's the truth.



This one IS happening for our honeymoon next year. So the dream is becoming a reality and I couldn't be more excited! We are planning on staying at a hotel right on Waikiki Beach and doing things like sunbathing, hiking, eating, drinking, exploring the Island, and obviously going to a real Luau. Tony and I are both into history, so we will be making a trip to the Pearl Harbor memorial site, too. The plan right now is just to do a week, but that may change as we get closer to the actual booking. At least I am hoping it turns into 10 days!

Niagara Falls.

Another trip that is definitely happening - and in 15 days, too! I love waterfalls and duh, I obviously want to visit a huge one. And the place we are staying is connected to a casino so that means a little gambling, lots of eating/drinking, and we are going to have to make some time to check out the breweries/wineries in the area. Basically I cannot wait and I will be very happy to check this one off of the list!


Napa Valley.

One word - wine. I love wine and why would I not want to visit a place that is filled with beautiful vineyards? So yes, I want to go all wine snob for about 5 days and make my way from winery to winery, preferably doing this as a girls' trip. I have always told my best friend we should do this trip when we turn 30 as a gift to ourselves, and as a way to forget that we are THIRTY! (Thank goodness we have another 5+ years until this is happening...)

The Grand Canyon / Mt. Rushmore / Yellowstone

Yes, I do understand that these places are NOT close to one another. But I figure when we do get around to seeing these landmarks, we might as well do it in one big trip, so that's why they are grouped together. I know it's very touristy to want to visit these places, but I dream about doing a family trip so that my kids get to experience them, too. Plus, think of the photo ops! :)

Side note - Tony actually wanted to go to Montana/Wyoming for our honeymoon and he tried to use going to Yellowstone as a selling point. Um, no, sorry. Besides Yellowstone there would be nothing else to really do. Plus I am afraid of bears and other wild animals.  

Any Tropical Island.

I am pretty easily pleased if you give me a beach, an ocean and some fruity drinks. So that's why any tropical island will do for this one. I just want to spend a solid week with the following routine: wake up, lay on the beach, sunbathe, shower/get pretty, eat and drink the night away, sleep. Repeat for 6 more days. If I had to pick the top islands to visit, I would probably put St. Lucia & Punta Cana at the top of my list - but like I said, I am pretty easy to please. 


So what's on your travel bucket list? Did I miss any awesome places that you think I absolutely NEED to see in my lifetime?!


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