Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Last Thing


Tuesdays are good days for lists, don't ya think? And today I am stealing borrowing an idea I saw on Kalyn's blog a few days ago. And just to mix things up a bit, I am going to add a few more "lasts." Feel free to steal/borrow if your blogging brain is moving a little slow today, too.

What/when was the last...

Recipe I made? I actually made a new recipe this past weekend called a Burrito Bake. It's a recipe I found through Pinterset (duh), but it is Weight Watchers friendly so I thought I would give it a try. And I must say, it's pretty delish. 

Thing I ate? So since I am writing this post on Monday (oops, now you know my secret), the last thing I actually ate was my lunch. And that included a turkey sandwich, special K crackers, a yogurt and some grapes.

Good decision I made? To start cycling again and eating the way I know I should be. Oh, and the decision to start watching OITNB was a pretty good one, too.

Cool place I went to? A little winery that I found that is literally 10 minutes from my house. They have this huge deck that overlooks a little pond and a lot of times people will bring their dogs and they swim in the pond and it's just really a good time. And their wine is on point.

Show I watched? I fall asleep every night watching Full House. Before that, though, I am most likely watching baseball or a Kardashian repeat. I know, it's shameful. 


Person I texted? My mom, because we text/call each other a lot. And I don't really mind that at all :)

Word I said out loud? "Ok" I say ok a lot so it's not really surprising that this was the last word out of my mouth. And it might have actually been something else because I do tend to talk a lot, but I am pretty sure that's the last thing I said.

Awesome thing that happened? I found out that a Panera Bread is going into a new shopping center approximately 7 minutes from my house. So now I can have all the broccoli cheddar soup and Asiago Cheese bagels. 



Thing I bought for myself? Probably some sort of food item, but that was technically for Tony and me. So just for me? The case of Fresca to drink this past weekend. He won't drink diet soda, so that one was just for me.

Good photo of me and Tony? One of the gazillion engagement photos we had taken. In fact, those were the last photos we even have taken together. Minus the selfies I took of us while he was sleeping #creeperstaus

Blog I read? Juliette's. She's very entertaining and I feel like she has a lot of little fun life adventures.

Bad decision I made? Hm, I like to think that I don't really make too many bad decisions, but I would maybe have to say the decision to talk to Tony about wedding stuff when he was in a grumpy mood. Didn't get the reaction I was hoping for and I got a little sad. 



Time I was really excited? Saturday when I heard the news about Panera Bread. Is that bad? Don't answer that.

Time I had a free weekend? This past weekend was free. I mean, we had people over, but we weren't forced to be doing anything. That's the beauty of the no kids life at the moment.

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