Thursday, August 14, 2014

#TBT: Beach Edition

In honor of me being super excited that today is my Friday (YAY) and that I am leaving for the beach tomorrow (DOUBLE YAY) I am going to do a little TBT - beach style. 


I am so glad that I make myself get down to the beach at least once a summer. Yes, it's only Ocean City, Maryland, but it's an ocean, sand and lots of bars/restaurants so it'll do. And I am even more happy that every year I make it a girls' trip. This year it's just me and my friend from college, but as you can see in past years it has been a group of us. 

Our weekends usually consist of a fun car ride down, laying out in the sun (bathed in tanning oil/lotion) until mid-afternoon, showers and/or naps in the hotel room, getting all prettied up, then roaming the streets to eat dinner and drink the night away. It's pretty simple, but it works and we always have a blast. 



And since I am talking about beach trips I think now is a good time to tell the story about the time I am pretty sure I got a concussion while vacationing. We were walking back to our hotel room and at the time I was obviously distracted by my phone or something and slammed my head directly into an air conditioning unit that was hanging out of a window. HARD. I blacked out for about 2.5 seconds while my best friend stood there and laughed hysterically. The rest of my night consisted of an ice bag and ice cream. You win some, you lose some. (Oh, and no alcohol was even involved.)

But all other trips have been pretty accident free. And there has been a good bit of drinking involved. So I am going to say that's a pretty good track record.



So here's to a fun weekend filled with sun, food & lots of drinks!

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