Thursday, August 28, 2014

Slow and Steady...


Wins the race, right? That's what they say at least. And who is they? I've always wondered that. But moving along...

I am taking the whole slow and steady approach to my weight loss before the wedding. Mainly because my body is making me. In the last 3 weeks I have only lost about 2.5 pounds. While I am happy that I haven't gained any weight, I am frustrated because I have been working out like a mad lady and have really changed my eating habits. I mean, my routine has basically been: cycle class Monday & Wednesday, elliptical/other cardio Tuesday, rest of Thursday & Friday. And I know I should probably not take two days to rest, but I have been also walking for 30 minutes each day with a co-worker so that's something on those "off" days. 



So I guess I just need a little push from someone to tell me that this is normal and it will pay off in the end. And remind me that I do have 8+ months to lose the additional 27.5 pounds before we say 'I do.' Plus, I do need to keep telling myself that even if I don't hit the magic number I have in my mind, it will still be the happiest day of my life. And I will love how I look in my dress. Because it really is gorgeous and I feel so pretty in it!



So I am going to keep going. Because that's the best thing to do. It may take me six months to lose 10 pounds, but that's better than gaining 20 in those same six months. And I know in the long run, loosing this weight slowly will make me cherish all that I have accomplished even more, right?


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