Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I Have A Lot of First World Problems


I have nothing new and/or exciting to report on the wedding planning front, so I am going to give you some hump day confessions.

Vodka and Soda

Speaking of hump day, I'm still not really sick of the hump day commercial with the camel. Even though I never see it on TV anymore. But if I ever hear anyone say "Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike" I get a little grin on my face because I know what's coming next. 


I did an arm workout on MONDAY and I am still sore. This proves two things to me. 1 - I am a weakling and have like  no upper body strength, and 2 - I need to get my arms in shape for the wedding and I only have t-minus 9.5 months to do it. Oh, and the workout I was doing is called the Sexy Arm Workout. So the name better not be lying and these limbs better be the sexiest ones you've ever seen come next May. 


I have my first weekly weigh-in at Weight Watchers tomorrow and I am a little nervous. I mean, I have been SO GOOD the last 5 days. I know I should definitely have lost some weight. But what if I get on the scale and they say "Oh, you stayed the same" or "Oh, you're actually up a little"? I will be devastated and lose all my motivation. So let's all hope that doesn't happen and I can leave for the beach feeling good about myself.


Speaking of the beach, tomorrow is my Friday at work because I am going on a little weekend getaway with a girlfriend of mine from college. Since the closest beach is only about 3 hours from us it will still be a nice weekend trip, but won't take us too long to get there and back. Barring any ridiculous traffic on the bridge.


They are doing major construction on our office at work and it's very loud. Almost all of the time. And the headphones are starting to not cut it because I feel like people are always trying to talk to me and I am just being rude and ignoring them. So then I take one ear out and it cancels out the point of me trying to not hear the sound of drills and banging. Oh the struggle.


I really don't have anymore confessions and I just spent a good 10 minutes looking at gifs because they are funny and I sort of get distracted. I just need to focus like B. Spears is telling me to. 


Anywayyyyys, hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday. Even though today is technically my Thursday. Sorry I am definitely 100% not sorry.

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