Friday, August 22, 2014

Football Friday: My Favorite Team

So when I saw that Erin was doing Football Friday's I was SO FREAKING EXCITED. I may be a girl, but I absolutely love everything about football and football season. So of course I will be joining in on the fun. 

This week I want to start out by telling you all about my favorite team - the 2000 & 2012 Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens :) I bleed purple and black September - (hopefully) February.


Taken at a work event where we got to take a tour of the stadium and go onto the field! :)

Team Mascot: So our team used to be super clever and cool and have three mascots - Edgar, Allen & Poe. But now we just have Poe (even though I am not really sure why?) But that is a reference to the poet, Edgar Allan Poe (duh) because he wrote "The Raven" I think that is all pretty self explanatory. 



Where We Play: M&T Bank Stadium. And let me just tell you it is an amazing stadium to see a game in. The atmosphere is electric and you probably won't be able to get out of there without chanting "OhhhhOhhhOhh OOOOhhhh" to the tune of the White Stripe's "Seven Nation Army" It's one of my favorite places to be on a football Sunday - but sadly I only get to maybe two games a year if I am lucky.



My Favorite Players: I have had many favorite players throughout the years that I have been a fan, but here are my top 5 and the position they play/played:

1. Joe Flacco - Quarterback

2. Ray Lewis - Linebacker

3. Torrey Smith - Wide Receiver

4. Dennis Pitta - Tight End

5. Matt Stover / Justin Tucker - Kicker

Teams We Hate Dislike: Steelers, Browns, Bengals, & Patriots. Oh, and the Colts because they used to be in Baltimore and then left in the middle of the night back in the 1980s. But that's a more complicated story for another day entirely.



Personal Favorite Raven's Memory: The game between us and the Denver Broncos during our 2012 Super Bowl run. The game went into double OT and we sealed the deal with an amazing pass from Flacco to Jacoby Jones. To say it was an amazing moment is an understatement. Everyone in our house jumped up and down and it basically felt like we had won the Super Bowl - we still had another team to beat before we were even in the big game. 



Well this has gotten me even more pumped for football to start! Even though I am being a bad fan and will be out of the country for the first game of the season. Let's just hope somehow, some way, we can find a TV in Canada that is showing the Ravens. Not going to hold my breath, though. 

So what's your favorite team? I promise I will still be nice to you if it's one of the above mentioned hated disliked teams. But I may just have to not talk to you when we play ;)

Football Friday

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