Monday, August 4, 2014

A Friday Night To Myself


This weekend I had absolutely no plans at all. At first, I was a little bummed that I would be sitting home alone doing nothing - especially on Friday after a long week at work. But around 6:30 Friday night I decided to make the most of it and have a little "me" time. So here's how it went down.

First off, I was greeted with this little baby as a surprise from Tony when I got home. It tastes amazing and took everything I had to only drink one glass on Friday night. Honestly, whoever thought to combine chocolate and wine into one beautiful mixture is my hero.



So after I got comfortable in my sweats and old college tshirt, I decided I needed to give myself a pedicure and also do some arts and crafts. Which led me to a trip to the local WalMart in said comfortable clothes. I never feel bad going into WalMart in those type of clothes, though, because it's wally world. Anyways, I found everything I was looking for - pumice stone, nail polish, picture frame, paper, ruler & magnetic tape. Time to party!

I started out with my pedicure. Filled up a container with water and soap to soak my feet and really soften up those gross heels. It worked wonderfully, and I made my way to the bathtub to complete the heel sanding process. My pumice stone was perfect and I now have two silky smooth heels. Next I clipped and filed the nails and put on a pretty color that I afterwards noticed is the same color I did for the new items I bought for my living room. But it's pretty so whatever.


And yes, you're welcome for this lovely picture of my feet.


Once everything dried I put on my creative hat and got to work on a new "white board" for the refrigerator. I was tired of the typical one that is actually white and saw this idea on Pinterest and decided I would give it a go. Plus it's a super easy project, and I am all about easy crafts. So here are my supplies...


All I did was cut a piece of the ombre paper that I found into an 8x8 sheet and place it in the picture frame. Turned the frame over and put four strips of the magnetic tape so that it would stick to the fridge. I already had the dry erase marker, so I just used that to write on the glass. And walla - finished project!



The rest of the night consisted of me curling up on the couch with my glass of wine and watching baseball and Modern Family until I fell asleep at approximately 11 p.m. Because I am old. 

And that, my friends, is how you have an amazing Friday night to yourself. It is actually very relaxing and something I recommend to everyone out there.

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