Tuesday, August 5, 2014

2,922 Days & Counting


Today is my 8 year anniversary with Tony. I honestly cannot believe that we have been together for that long. I know everyone says that and it's really cliche, but it's true. We have shared 8 Christmas's together, had to have our parents drive us to dates because we didn't have our licenses, and celebrated milestone birthdays together (16, 18 & 21). It's pretty crazy to think that this time next year I will be his wife and we will have a new anniversary to celebrate. 


So today I want to tell you all the 8 reasons we are still together after all these years. And don't worry, it won't be super sappy. I just did that up there. 

1. I'm a talker & he's not. It's not surprise that I am the outgoing communicator in the relationship. I did major in communications in college. But anyway, if we were both overly talkative it would get real annoying. And I have rubbed off on him a little bit, so at least he is better with communicating info to me that's important!

2. I cook & clean - he mows & fixes things. I know this is the typical woman and man roles, but it works for us and it will keep working for us. I take care of the household things, he makes sure nothing breaks, my car runs & we have a home to live in. 

3. We're both loyal people. This is probably the biggest reason after 8 years we are still kicking after all this time. Being loyal to each other is key and something we both value in our relationship.

4. He understands my crazy. Okay, maybe calling it crazy is a little harsh, but he understands that I can be anal about things like being on time or planning something months in advance. And I like to think it's one of the things he loves about me.

5. I get his personality. Tony is not the kind of guy that expresses what he is feeling with words. His idea of showing that he loves me is by picking me up a bottle of wine for no reason, cleaning off the trash can in the kitchen, or making sure to keep the pool extra clean. He knows these little things are important to me, and he makes sure that he does them. It took me some time, but now I understand that for him, these kind of things say "I love you." And I'll never complain about getting a bottle of wine.

6. Never go to sleep upset. So this is something that I believe in slightly more than he does. But I think he gets it now. I am the type of person that if I go to sleep mad, I wake up mad. And that's no way to start the day. So we make sure to work out whatever fight/disagreement we're having before lights out. 

7. I let him think he's in charge. This may sound bad, but it's so true. Men need to think they are "in charge" and make the important decisions. So I let him think that. But I have my ways of nudging him towards those decisions and it makes for a happy home.

8. We love each other. Sorry, getting a little sappy again. But it's true. He's my guy, and I'm his girl. I could not picture myself with anyone else, and I wouldn't want to.

Alright, alright. That's enough lovey-dovey crap for today. Let's hope there is a bottle of wine in my future :)

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