Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summer is Love

So it makes me kind of sad to realize that summer is almost halfway over. But it's been a good one so far, and what better way to talk about all that is great about summer than link up with the lovely ladies for today's prompt? So here are a few of my favorite things... about summer! (*Feel free to continue singing the song from The Sound of Music.

// Taking a long, lukewarm shower after a day of being out in the sun. All the while taking in how tan I look and admiring my new tan lines. AND THEN getting out of said shower and laying on the couch under a fan. Pure bliss.

// Shaved ice. Italian ice. Snow cones. Whatever you care to call them, I love them in the summer! I'll do chocolate, fruity flavors, fake alcoholic ones - I like em' all :)

// Baseball. I know I have talked about this probably too much on here, but I really do love me some good baseball games in the summer months. And being able to witness them in person is even better.

// My birthday. I mean, obviously.

// Grilling anything and everything on our pretty new patio. As well as enjoying a nice big glass of wine on said patio. With my man & good friends/family.

// The sun not completely going down until close to 9 p.m.

// Iced coffee

// Not having the pressure of having a TV show to watch every night. Yes, I am lame like that and get stressed out if I miss a show and they aren't on in the summer, so that's great for me.

// Being able to drive with the windows down and hands/arms hanging out the side.

// Having a tan enough face that I don't need to use a lot of makeup. Less makeup is ALWAYS better.

// The beach. Sun, sand, booze, a boardwalk & girlfriends. I love everything about when I go to the beach.

// Watching all the fireflies in the backyard.

// Making s'mores. Or just toasting lots of marshmallows. Soooo good.


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