Saturday, July 12, 2014

My Five to Dine With

Oh hey, here I am on a Saturday. Except don't hate me but this is a scheduled post. But whatever, I still put in the effort, right? So today's prompt is "Five People - Tell us five people (dead or alive) that you would like to have dinner with." I have to admit it was actually kind of hard thinking of five people, but here we go.

1. My Mom-Mom. This is, by far, the first person I would choose to have dinner with if I was given the chance. My mom-mom died when I was (almost) 12, and for the years before that she was my favorite person around. She was legally blind, but still found really creative ways to entertain me and spend such great times together. I truly cherish all of the memories her and I had together.

2. Britney Spears. Don't you dare give me those judgey eyes. B Spears was my idol growing up, and I would love to have a delicious steak dinner, followed by lots of cocktails with the pop princess herself. Plus I need to know what she was thinking when she made Crossroads.

3. Anyone who was on the Titanic. So little known fact about me - I am sort of obsessed with all things Titanic. Not really sure why, but the whole thing fascinates me and I would love to find out what it was all like - the meals, the accommodations, how they managed to survive (if they did), and all that jazz.

4. Joe Flacco. I am a huge Ravens fan and an even bigger Joe Flacco fan (he's the QB for those of you who didn't know..). It was be so amazeballs to sit down with him and have dinner. Plus, I think he's kind of cute and used to think he was my future husband. Duh.

5. Jesus. This one is pretty obvious and I know not that original, but I am not going to pass up on the chance to talk to Him and find out like, I don't know, EVERYTHING there is to know about everything. Plus, he drinks wine like me, so we will have a lovely little time.

Ladies, that was kind of hard. I think I deserve a cookie and since it's the weekend I am probably having one right this minute.

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