Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Let Them Eat Cake

It may only be 8 a.m., but I am ready to talk about cake. In fact, it really doesn't matter what time of the day it is, I could talk about and/or eat cake any time. And since it's Wedding Wednesday and I have been too lazy to blog the last few days, I'm linking up with MeredithMary to talk wedding cake.

First off, there will obviously be cake at our wedding. I toyed with the idea of cupcakes and other fun treats, but when it comes down to it, we want to stick to the traditional route of doing cake. Plus, we are having an ice cream bar, so there's that too in case someone is nuts and doesn't like cake. I actually recently went to a wedding and there was NO cake. There was pie. This wedding was in JUNE. And it was pumpkin and apple pie. But I digress...

So Tony & I tasted wedding cake samples a few months back from a bakery that is owned by good family friends. We already knew how amazing their other baked goods were, so we were not surprised when we tasted the cakes and fell in love with all of the flavors. But since we are doing a three-tiered cake, we had to make some decisions. Here's what we chose:

Bottom Tier: Chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling
Middle Tier: Marble cake with pastry cream filling
Top Tier: Red Velvet cake (side note - this is my absolute favorite cake!)

After making such HARD decisions, We I started thinking about what the cake should look like. I always knew I wanted it to have some flowers on it, but it also needed something more. Hello, Pinterest, and thank you for the ideas. Cue the photo dump of ideas that I am playing around with and still have a good 6 months to decide on.

1. This is the design I showed to my florist, so that's the amount of flowers we will be getting for whatever cake design we choose. And it will be those colors - which I love! I am just worried this might be too plain of a design? 

2. I absolutely LOVE this design and am contemplating sending this picture to the baker and just saying "do this!!" It's got the flowers, a little design, and those pretty crystal things. Are they edible?

3. This one has the pretty ribbon I thought I wanted, too. Maybe not a bow, though, because that's not really our style.

4. I pinned this one because it was a little different and had the elements of both a little design and also a solid tier. Not sure how that would look with only 3 tiers, though.

5. This one is okay, and again has all the elements I was looking for in a wedding cake. Not sure if I am crazy about the random ribbon pattern. 

6. Plain, yet elegant is how I would describe this one. I like the soft design and the purple ribbon. However, I would need to see flowers on it to get the full effect.

7. Finally, I pinned this one because of the initials. I never really pictured having our initials on the cake, but it could be a nice touch, right? Ugh, so many decisions...

So that's where we are at in the design process. Like I said, we do have plenty of time to decide on what we want it to look like, and I have a basic idea of where it's going. The only thing I have to work on now is convincing Tony that we are not doing this cake topper.

He thinks it is "funny" but I think it makes it look like I am forcing him into this whole thing. Is that a stupid thought? I mean, I do see the humor - kind of - but I was hoping we could do something more modern like a monogram of our initials or "I Do" in metal. I feel as though this will be a last minute decision and I know it will be something that we don't even remember after the fact. But, are there any brides out there that did unique or special cake toppers? Are these even something that people keep anymore?

And now I really want some cake.

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