Wednesday, July 9, 2014

It's Time to Save the Date

Happy Wedding Wednesday blogland! Before I dive into this post about our Save the Dates, I just want to point out that we have been engaged for almost 7 months! Holy time flies. Seriously, it feels like just yesterday we were in Hershey eating chocolate and I couldn't stop staring at the rock that is my engagement ring. But moving along...

Save the Dates! I am so excited that these are literally on their way to our family & friends. I realize that I sent them out 10+ months in advance, but I don't care because I was excited and our wedding is on a Friday, so there's that.

 When I first started looking into what type of STD's (hehe...) I wanted I felt like I could not find exactly what I was looking for. I spent A LOT of time on various wedding invitation websites. These are some of the designs I was toying around with.

But none of these designs really had the font that I liked or the room to put our wedding website - which was really important for me to have on there since I spent a good bit of time getting that together and I was a little crazy and paid to have a custom URL. Also, it seemed like all of these designs didn't work well with the photos that were finalists for the STD.

ANYWAYS. After a lot of playing around online, I decided to visit a trusty little website called zazzle

I really love zazzle. For a lot of reasons. Reason #1 being they make good stuff and it's not over the top expensive. Reason #2 is that they get you everything so quick. Being an impatient person, this will make me love you forever. So I found a design I loved a lot on zazzle - it had the perfect font, a place for our wedding website, a front & a back, AND was a postcard. So without further blabbing, here is our official Save the Date! (There is not a white line on the back, just blocked out our address ;))

I am SO SO happy with them and would highly recommend zazzle to anyone who is looking for a design that you can completely customize and will get to you in a matter of 3-5 days (on regular shipping). I am already playing with ceremony program card designs :)

Wedding Wednesday
Love Always Nancy J

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