Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Is My Favorite F Word

So because I am still a rookie in blogging, I just now figured out how to get my font to look like this. And it makes me happy because I really wasn't feeling how it was looking before. Please don't make fun of me, I am still learning people! But anyways, instead of me just rambling on about blog fonts like a nerd, I will follow along like everyone else and do my five/favorite/whatever it is Friday.

Favorite Purchase

Hands down my favorite purchase(s) this week were all of the things I bought to spruce up our living room. I will do a post all about that once we get all the picture frames up, but for now here are just two of my most favorite items from that shopping trip. Thank you Home Goods & Kirklands!


 Favorite Thing I Am Looking Forward To

Our upcoming trip to Niagara Falls in September. I was really excited when we booked it a few weeks ago, but now that it's almost August that means we are getting closer and I am so so so looking forward to it! We are going with another couple, so this is our first real "couples" trip. And we've been together for almost 8 years. I really appreciate Tony's best friend getting his stuff together and finding a good girlfriend that we all like and can do couples' trips now. But yeah, here is what our room is going to look like and it actually has two bedrooms because that would just be weird to share a room with another couple. And not very romantic. 


 Favorite Thing I Ate

Bacon Brownies. Yep, that's right. As far as healthy eating goes, this week has been a wash. Because no matter what I do, somehow bacon gets involved. And how are you just going to turn down a FREE bacon brownie? You're not, that's the answer. And it was so delicious and I may or may not have had a second one with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Because my wedding isn't for 10 more months and I have plenty of time, right? Yeah, sure. But I do promise I am getting my butt back in gear for next week. Stay away you evil bacon!

Favorite Creative Moment

So these moments are pretty few and far between, but I was all inspired from my shopping trip and getting cute stuff for our living room, that I decided to make some things for two of the frames that will be going on our living room walls. These are the results. Obviously the "F" is for what both of last name's will soon be, and then I just really like this quote and I mimicked the design from something I found on Etsy, because I wasn't going to pay $10 for something I could semi- do myself.

Favorite Thing I Learned

How to get my font to look like this, obviously. But really, it's the little things that make me happy.


Favorite Pin

I love the idea of taking a shadow box with lots of compartments and making it into a hanging jewelry box. I have so many earrings and necklaces just thrown into a box right now that I really can't even tell what I have anymore! So yes, this might be a project that I complete this weekend... we shall see. Isn't it cute, though?

Have a glorious weekend everyone!

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