Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Wedding Rant

Let me just apologize upfront about this not being a lovey-dovey, look how much I have planned so far and how amazing it's going to be, blog post. But I need to have a mini rant. 

We sent out our Save the Date's last week as you will remember, and I was so excited and couldn't wait to hear people tell me how cute they were, because cute engagement picture. Well I did get that reaction from a good amount of people. But then came the requests and opinions that I never asked for.

Q. Can you send so and so a separate invitation when the time comes to send those?

A. Seriously? You two have been dating for almost 8 years and I'm sorry that you don't live together, but why should I have to send you two invitations? If it wasn't for you dating her she wouldn't even be invited to the wedding. But no, since this is an "easy fix" as my mom put it, I will just give in and spend the extra $.49 so you can feel extra special because she got a separate invite. Maybe I'll even have it delivered with a singing bear or something...

Opinion: You probably should have put the time on your Save the Date since it's on a Friday

Response: Oh yeah? I didn't know it was called a Save the Date and Time. It's a Friday, yeah, get over it and if we are important enough that you want to come then just plan on dedicating at least half of your day to it. Obviously it's not going to be at 10 in the morning. AND you know someone in the bridal party who I am sure already told you the time. So thanks for the unwanted opinion.

Q. How much did XYZ cost?

A. This is just a rude question that should never be asked if you are not paying for it. Also, once I tell you said price because I am nice like that and hate being in awkward silence, please do not tell me how you paid half that price 35 YEARS AGO. Not sure if you have heard of a little something we call inflation, but it's real. And times have changed. So I will kindly ask you to shut the hell up.

And this last one isn't so much a stupid questions or request, but just something that is getting on my nerves juuuuuust a littttttle. My bridesmaids and I were trying to pinpoint a date in September to go look at dresses together. I really wanted to have all the girls there so that I could honestly get everyone's opinions and put everyone in a dress that they feel comfortable in. And there is only 4 girls. Shouldn't be that hard to coordinate, right? Wrong. For some reason September is the busiest month of the year and asking off work for ONE Saturday is impossible. So whatever, we picked a date and if everyone can be there, wonderful. And if not, oh well. I think that's going to be my motto from this point forward. 

So again, I am really sorry if I just sounded like a total bridezilla, because I swear I am really not trying to be. Plus, this is the first place where I have really put all my thoughts and frustrations out there. And of course complained to my mom, duh. But I haven't "gone off" on anyone yet, so I am going to chalk that up as a win. 

Am I crazy or is anyone else getting these kind of questions/unsolicited opinions?!

Wedding Wednesday
Love Always, Nancy J

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