Friday, July 11, 2014

90s Nostalgia, Red Velvet Cupcakes & Coffee.

We made it everyone. We survived a whole 5-day week after a holiday weekend. Take a minute to pat yourselves on the back. Are you doing it? Okay, good. Now moving along to five of my faves this week.

1. The coffee I am drinking right now. Seriously, it was such a struggle to get out of bed this morning and this sweet sweet nectar they call caffeine is my savior at the moment. 

2. Getting compliments from a bunch of friends and family yesterday about how much they loved our save the dates. I sent them out on Monday, so of course by Tuesday night I was all worried that they would get lost in the mail and WHY HASN'T ANYONE TEXTED ME TELLING ME HOW MUCH THEY LOVE THEM?! Sorry, I didn't mean to show my crazy right there. But anyways, I am assuming they made it to all of their intended locations - and people seem to like them :)

3. Red velvet cupcakes were baked this week and I should probably feel some sort of shame for eating like 2 in one day, but I don't. They were so delicious and I even made a poor man's icing bag (with a zip lock bag) in an attempt to make the icing look pretty. That worked for about 9 of them.

4. All of the Full House reruns I have been watching at night. Every night for the last two weeks I have been tuning into Nick @ Nite to catch Danny Tanner & his lovely daughters and family to learn some serious life lessons. Like don't jump into cars with teenage boys who you just told you were 16, but you're obviously not. And if your silly uncle suddenly becomes your substitute teacher (because it's just that easy, right?) he will get all serious and probably send you to the principal's office. Lessons, people!

5. We are getting Chinese food today for lunch and I couldn't be more excited. I have been craving beef and broccoli for a good two weeks now and I will finally get to nab my craving. Plus we decided to make getting lunch out on Fridays a thing, so there's that.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend - get out there & enjoy summer while it's here!

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