Thursday, June 5, 2014

"Wiggle" Was Written About Me

So it's Thursday and I'll be lucky if my brain makes it to Friday. So all you're getting today is a little current fun. 

I am currently...

Watching at the moment, my computer screen, but overall I have been watching a lot of baseball at night. Oh, and whatever boring science/history show Tony decides to watch.

Reading wedding magazines :) I know, not the most thought provoking piece of literature, but I am working on finding a good pool/beach book.

Listening to "Wiggle" Um, yeah I literally just turned my iTunes radio on and this is what came on. But I'm not hating it. Actually, I feel like this song might have been written about me.

Smelling these potent bushes that are outside of our office. It is reminding me of a funeral home and I am not liking it.

Feeling semi-tired. I only say semi because lately I have been getting a solid 6.5-7 hours of sleep, which is a huge improvement on the 5 I was getting before.

Wishing for Friday, like I always am. And about 10K for an amazing honeymoon. That's not asking for much, right?

Wearing work clothes... you know black slacks, purple/pinkish top with a white sweater and flats. Because I believe wholeheartedly in comfort in the workplace.

Planning a wedding, duh. And our monthly girl's night at my place (heyyyy s'mores bar!)

Eating nada at the moment, but I did just eat scrambled eggs/egg whites with grilled onions and it was delish.

Loving that there is only one more day until Friday, we found the perfect save the dates, and that I have stuck to my "healthy eating" plan :)

One more sleep until Friday everyone!

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