Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Why The Real World Sucks

When I was about 14 years old I begged my parents to let me get a job. I wanted so much to make my own money and be little miss independent. I was nucking futs. Because as I sit here, two years removed from college life, I can honestly say the "real world" sucks. 

There are no naps in the real world. I think this might be my biggest complaint because I really love naps. That feeling of just falling asleep and not having to set an alarm or know that you have an obligation to do something for somebody. I am super pissed at toddler me for throwing such fits whenever my mom wanted me to nap. What a little brat.

Cooking my own food has gotten old real quick. At first I was all Betty Crocker and wanting to make new recipes and whatnot. Yeah, screw that. I just want to come home and have healthy, but delicious meals put in front of me. After I wake up from my nap.

The fact that I have to look presentable every damn day is a job in and of itself. Most days I choose sleep over beauty and just throw up hair up in a bun. So on those days that I actually straighten it I feel like everyone in the office should tell me how pretty I look.

If my boss doesn't show up, I can't just leave for the day. Remember in college when everyone prayed the professor just decided it wasn't worth it to come and teach that day? Yeah, those days are long gone. Now I just have to sit my pretty little straightened hair self in my seat and do work. While wishing I could just nap. 

The whole being financially responsible thing is pretty overrated, too. Can't I just not pay my student loans, car payment, cell phone bill, insurance.... ? I'm not even going to sit here and pretend like I pay a mortgage (thanks future hubby!).

However, it's not all bad. I can drink wine every night if I want, come home at a ridiculous hour, and do big girl things like buy a new car. But, did I mention there are no naps? Because that does suck.

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