Thursday, June 12, 2014

Stolen Blog Post Ideas

So I was over at Erin's blog this morning and was literally nodding my head in complete agreement because I, too, wanted to write something today on here, but had no idea what said post was going to be. So that led me to Kay's 36 Blog Post ideas - and waalaa (sp?) I got it! After checking to make sure they were all acceptable and not completely embarrassing, I am going to do the whole post the last 10 pictures on your phone thing. So here you go. Enjoy & feel free to laugh.

1. The dress that I just ordered the other day to wear to a wedding I am going to this weekend. And obviously I took a screen shot of it so I could show my friend who is also going to the wedding so we can decide how great we are going to look.

2. I know I already posted this on Monday, but a picture of our tabletop tiki thing. It's from Walmart and it's great :)

3. Yep, that's my fiance in a tree. He was doing something that involved pulling the trees up or something? Clearly I pay attention. All I know is that he was in a tree and then came out with a bunch of scratches, making it look like I abuse him. Which I do not.

4. Another screenshot that I sent to my Mom of what our STD would look like. This isn't the one we are going with, though. Sorrrrrry.

5. My old license from when I was 19. I just got it renewed this past weekend and I wanted to always remember how gross I looked in this one. So obviously I took a picture.

6. My various tanning lotions/oils that I found while looking for something to increase my tanning potential.


7. The beginnings of my tan lines that I am oh so proud of. 

8. My friend Heather & I had to take a selfie to document our poolside day. Who doesn't?

9. This really creepy, glow in the dark looking spider that was crawling around while we were just trying to get our sunbathing on. Ew.

10. Heather again being creepy as hell. And nope, not even a little bit drunk.

Well that was fun.. kind of. Don't worry, I will be more exciting tomorrow. Maybe.

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