Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Saying 'Yes' to the Dress

I did it! I found THE dress! I am so excited and happy and really not sure how I am going to go a whole year without getting to wear it. Well actually it won't be a year because there are fittings and whatnot, but I don't know how I am going to wait for Tony to see it!

But let me back up and talk about the dress shopping experience. And I do apologize upfront that this is a pretty long post, but I promise to give you a sneak peak of the dress if you read all the way through :) And you better not have just scrolled to the bottom. I'm watching you.

To be completely honest I was only semi-excited to go look at dresses. Which is weird for me because I love getting all dolled up and trying on dresses and being super girly. But currently I am not feeling 100% happy about my body. What girl wants to try on form fitting dresses when she feels like a whale? So I was trying to tell myself that it would be okay, that I would be able to try things on even though I am not a size 4. Even still, I wasn't giddy with excitement like I thought I should be. Kind of like how this girl is.

I took along my Mom, Mother-in-Law to be, and my best friend. We had two appointments scheduled for the day at two different shops - about 10 minutes from each other. Going into the first store I had the attitude that I wasn't going to buy my dress there because I had heard they didn't even have a tailor on site and that their dresses were overpriced. But still, this was the first place and I was happy to get my feet wet in the whole dress trying on process.

So let the fun begin! The girl running my appointment started by bringing two dresses into the fitting room. I was a little overwhelmed by tulle, lace, beading & all things white/ivory. But it was okay. I tried on the first one and walked out to stand on the little platform that was surrounded by mirrors. My reaction? Ehh. It was pretty, but not me. And everyone agreed. It's funny because I felt bad saying I didn't like something, like I was going to offend the girl running my appointment. Obviously she doesn't care, she didn't design the dress, but it was just hard being super critical. 

Mandy (that was my girl's name. I thought it might be nice to stop calling her the girl running my appointment.) and I went back into the dressing room to try on the second gown she had initially brought in. She told me that if she was getting married she would be trying on this dress. I slipped the dress over my head and had to suck in juuuuust a little bit, but it did zip up. Which shocked me. Now since I had come in with the idea that I was NOT going to be wearing a strapless dress, Mandy added these pretty beaded straps to the dress so I could see what it would look like not strapless.

This dress was so gorgeous. I stepped onto the platform and instantly got a huge smile on my face. My "entourage" loved it, too. But something was off. I asked Mandy to take the straps off so I could see how it would look strapless. That was it. It was perfect without the straps and I must say, I looked damn good in it. Inside I was doing a major happy dance.

But hold on, this was only the second dress I put on. This couldn't be it, right? So I tried on about 6 more dresses. None of them compared to that second dress. My waist didn't look as good, they didn't have both modern and vintage components, they didn't fit my personality... there was always a, "it's pretty, but..." Not with the second dress. So in my mind I knew I was buying the second dress. But we still had another appointment scheduled. So I told Mandy that we were going to go to lunch, and then let her know if we would be coming back to buy the dress (p.s. you would get a discount if you bought it the same day you tried it on!!)

We went to lunch, talked about how GORGEOUS that dress was, and I canceled the second appointment and called Mandy to let her know I was coming to say "Yes!" to that amazing dress.  

The day was perfect and I am beyond excited that I found THE dress - and on the second try :) And in case you were curious, the dress was only about $200 over my "budget" (even though I never really had a clear budget in mind, I just knew what my Mom had given me for a dress and that I couldn't really go too much over that with my own moolah.) And now I can't stop picking up my phone and opening up the pictures of me in the gown. Oh yeah, here is a small sneak peak!

Wedding Wednesday
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