Sunday, June 1, 2014

June Goals

Let's talk goals, people. Since it is the first of June, and also the beginning of a new week, I thought, hey why not set up some goals and tell all 5 people who read my blog about them so I have some accountability. Good idea, right? So here they are, in no particular order or importance....

Lose 5 Pounds. I feel like this has been my monthly goal since I was 13, but I have a feeling it could really happen this month. I started back on an extremely low carb, no sugar diet after Memorial Day and if I can just keep plugging along on that it should be easy to drop 5 lbs.

Log 120 miles on my FitBit. We all know how much I love my FitBit, but due to this low carb diet I'm not really supposed to be doing a TON of working out. So I have just been doing some walking and whatnot. But I need to amp that up so that's where little this goal came from.

Pick out & order out STDs (Save the Date's). Let's just talk about how I love calling them STDs. I'm so immature, I know. But anyways, I We need to make a decision on which photo we want to use and then which design we like best and then finally ORDER them. I want to send them out by August 1, so ordering them by the end of the month would be ideal because then will come the task of having to finalize the guest list - something we have kinda sorta been putting off.

Host a cookout/gathering for three different groups of friends. So I'm not really sure when this happened, but Tony and I have been sort of popular lately. *insert laughing here because we're really not that popular at all* But we have three distinct "groups" of friends that have always had us over, and now it's time for us to return the gesture. Fire up that grill!

Get some tan lines. While most people hate them, I love having a tan line. Therefore, it's my goal to have a visibile tan line by the end of June.

Pay off my Old Navy credit card. I seriously should have never gotten one of these things. It's from Old Navy, but you can use it like a regular credit card, and I have just been charging little things left and right and it's adding up. So by the end of this month I want that thing down to ZERO. 

Decorate my office/cube. I have been with my new job for almost a month now and still have NO pictures and decorations. I need to add some "Ashleigh" to the space - aka lots of pictures of me and my friends/Tony having amazing times, duh. Oh, and a picture of my Mom is a must, too!

No wine until my birthday. This one is going to be SO hard. But it's only 20 days without wine (I love how I made that sound easy). I would say I'd go the whole month, but not having wine on my birthday would be a sin. 

Picture collage in the living room. I have had this little project on my list since I moved in (2 years ago...) so now that we have lots of pretty pictures, and Tony's fear of putting holes in the wall has subsided a little, we are crossing this baby off the list! 

Orioles games. I really love going down to Baltimore for Orioles games, so I want to try to at least get to one game per month this summer. Already did one in May, so now it's time for one in June. Let's go O's!

I think that's a pretty good list of goals for one month. Check back in with me on June 30 to see if I have failed miserably, or am the Queen of June (which I think I am by default because it's my birthday in June, and I love birthdays, so I should be the Queen for at least ONE day). 

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