Friday, June 27, 2014

It's (Almost) Cocktail Time + Friday Faves

I am so happy to say that this week actually went by really fast. Maybe having something "planned" to do 2 out of the 4 nights so far helped? Anyhow, I decided to mix it up with week and link up with Amanda for some Friday Faves.

Favorite Thing Watched on TV:

I watched a lot of baseball this week because it's summer and I love watching baseball. My team, The Orioles, are currently on a 10-game homestand and this week they were playing the White Sox. It was very exciting because we won one of the games with a walkoff homerun in the 9th, and the other game we won by hitting a grand slam and then finishing it off in extra innings. Pretty sweet. (Sorry if you hate baseball and I just put you to sleep). 

Favorite Thing I Ate:

My weeks are usually pretty boring as far as what I am eating, but this week I mixed it up a little and made a delicious beef stir fry with brown rice. So good and not too bad for us. Needless to say it was all gone by Wednesday!

Favorite New Accessory:

I am really loving wearing my new watch when I go to work. It makes me feel extra professional and sometimes I look at it like I am making sure I am not late for some super important meeting. Because obviously. 

Favorite Outing:

Baseball game with my Dad - it was a Father's Day gift and we had great weather! (That is until it decided to rain for about 15 minutes, but then we were good.)

Favorite Song: 

I am actually listening to all of Lana del Rey's new album so I am kind of in love with all of those songs right now. Not the most upbeat stuff, but it's whatever. I still like it. 

Favorite Moment:

Being able to spend about 30 minutes on Wednesday morning having breakfast with Tony. He has been working the overnight shift and will be for the next two weeks, so this little bit of time together was nice. Plus I was an A+ fiance and made him pancakes on a work morning.  

Favorite I Am Looking Forward To:

Crabs tonight with my future in-laws! Sitting on the deck, drinking a marg & eating crabs sounds like the perfect way to end this week.


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