Thursday, June 26, 2014

Irrational Fears

Last night we got some pretty intense thunderstorms in my neck of the woods. As I was lighting my candles and recalling where I keep the flashlights, I thought about all of the silly things I am scared/afraid of and also things that just worry me on a daily basis. So, a list.

// Thunderstorms - obviously. It's not so much the actual storm as it is the moment when the power goes out and everything gets dark and quiet. Hate it!

// Bees. I've never been stung, so I guess I am just afraid of the unknown.

// Tractor trailers on highways. Without fail I was always be sandwiched between two. Every.single.time.

// Airplanes/flying. This is the control freak in me coming out. I hate taking off, being in the air, and landing. So pretty much the whole experience.

// Salad. Only because I just hate it and I was forced to eat it in preschool and it made me sick. So I was scarred for life.

// Heights. This might have some kind of correlation with the flying thing.

// Being last to something/left out. I truly hate being last in line for something or feeling like I am going to miss out.

// My appendix bursting on my wedding day. Yes, this seems like it has come out of left field, but for some reason this thought popped into my head and I will randomly think about how awful this would be and then I push it out of my mind and try not to think about it.

// Dropping valuable items down the sink drain. But thanks to Juliette I won't have to worry about this anymore.

// Someone chasing/following me. I always feel like there is someone in my house whenever I am home alone, so obviously I run down the hallway and jump onto my bed to avoid said intruder. And now I realize how crazy I sound.

//  Being late for anything. I am always worried I will show up late for things and people will think I am rude, so therefore I am always early for stuff. Work, parties, appointments - you name it and I am there 15 minutes early.

Hopefully I am not the only one out there who worries/is afraid and scared of these things. 

Do you have any irrational or silly fears?

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