Friday, June 6, 2014

I Can Be A Little Dramatic Sometimes

This week was a wee bit stressful at work, but it all turned out well and here we are at Friday once again. Whoop whoop! 

// So I have become a total iPhone snob. The 2012 Android Ashleigh is yelling at me and calling me a sellout, but whatever it happens. Anyways, two things really annoy me now that I have an iPhone. 1 - if you have an iPhone why the hell would you not use iMessage? Obviously I need to text you when I am at work (and have no cell service, but only internet) and I can't because you are being difficult. 2 - people who just don't have iPhones and I can't text them until after work. I know, #firstworldproblems

// I am beyond lucky and blessed that I am getting an amazing mother-in-law. Seriously she is really great. We talked on the phone last night for an hour about a bunch of different things. I couldn't have asked for a more genuine, sweet lady that I get to call my MIL. And my own mom is pretty awesome, so I'm covered on the mom front :)

// I admitted to Tony this week that I am super afraid of thunderstorms - in particular when the power goes out. That moment when everything just shuts off at once is so creepy and I just know that some scary man is going to pop out of the closet at that exact moment and brutally murder me. Yes, I am that dramatic. But honestly, who really likes when storms knock out the power? I think I just need Mark Wahlburg to be my thunder buddy.

// I was in serious beast mode on wedding planning this week. Dress? check. Hotel block? check. Save the date design? check. Ceremony outline? check. Clearly this is all done because I am a mega planner and feel like if I didn't block off those hotel rooms immediately some other wedding would come in and book the whole place and we would be stuck at a sucky motel. See, dramatic. Either way, all that stuff is done and I'm just like BOOM!

// I secretly kind of like being home by myself at night sometimes. Except for when it's storming because no power, but other than that it's kind of nice to have some "me" time. I can do things like eat peanut butter out of the jar watch whatever I want on TV, sing loudly in the shower without judgment and not feel like the acne cream on my face is 100% grossing Tony out. 

Have a great weekend everyone!


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