Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Guest List Woes

Here we are again at Wednesday - and obviously that means it's time for me to talk about my wedding. And I should probably stop saying MY wedding and start saying OUR wedding. But let's be real, if it wasn't for me Tony would probably have us go to the court house and get married - not that there is anything wrong with that, but I like to celebrate things. So anyways...

Let's talk guest list. When we first started planning I had the number 100 in my head. And that was a good number. Then we made preliminary list and it was only like 85 people. Not okay. I wanted 100 for some reason. So I added a few people here and there and then I told Tony's mom that she could add in some friends of the family because I wanted to be inviting more than 100 because I know there will be people who can't come. 

Well, now we are up to 125 and Tony may or may not be a little miffed because if all of those people come that an additional $3K. Whoops. 

His parents keep saying they want to pay for the extra people, but we're not letting them. Because duh they already gave us money. 

I feel like this post is just me rambling about my internal conflict about the guest list and if you are still reading than you are a gem and I give you props.

But moving on.. I know I probably shouldn't have said I was going to invite old co-workers and people like that. But I already told them I was inviting them. So that makes me pretty dumb. 

I guess I am just wondering for those of you out there who have experience with having a wedding - how many people actually don't come? What are the odds that all 125 people will show up? I mean, the wedding is on a Friday night AND it's in the middle of prime college/high school graduation time.

Wedding Wednesday
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