Monday, June 30, 2014

You Win Some, You Lose Some: June Results

Drum roll please, it is now time for my June Goals results.

Lose 5 Pounds. I feel like this has been my monthly goal since I was 13, but I have a feeling it could really happen this month. I started back on an extremely low carb, no sugar diet after Memorial Day and if I can just keep plugging along on that it should be easy to drop 5 lbs.

Result: Who knows. I can say with almost 99% certainty that this didn't happen, but I haven't been on a scale since I wrote that goal. My clothes still fit like they did, so that probably means I didn't gain weight, but I probably didn't lose that 5. (Sorta) FAIL.

Log 120 miles on my FitBit. We all know how much I love my FitBit, but due to this low carb diet I'm not really supposed to be doing a TON of working out. So I have just been doing some walking and whatnot. But I need to amp that up so that's where little this goal came from. 

Result: Nope. I mean, unless I can somehow manage to walk/run 32 miles today, which is not happening. So 88 miles was what I hit this month. Still not horrible, but not my goal. FAIL.

Pick out & order out STDs (Save the Date's). Let's just talk about how I love calling them STDs. I'm so immature, I know. But anyways, I We need to make a decision on which photo we want to use and then which design we like best and then finally ORDER them. I want to send them out by August 1, so ordering them by the end of the month would be ideal because then will come the task of having to finalize the guest list - something we have kinda sorta been putting off.

 Result: Did it!! They are currently sitting on my kitchen table ready to have postage put on them & sent out. WIN.

Host a cookout/gathering for three different groups of friends. So I'm not really sure when this happened, but Tony and I have been sort of popular lately. *insert laughing here because we're really not that popular at all* But we have three distinct "groups" of friends that have always had us over, and now it's time for us to return the gesture. Fire up that grill!

 Result: Completed. This month felt like it literally flew by due to all of the things we had going on. We had people over a lot and it was so much fun cooking out, making s'mores, drinking & playing in the pool :)

Get some tan lines. While most people hate them, I love having a tan line. Therefore, it's my goal to have a visible tan line by the end of June.

 Result: I'll let these photos tell you the answer....

Pay off my Old Navy credit card. I seriously should have never gotten one of these things. It's from Old Navy, but you can use it like a regular credit card, and I have just been charging little things left and right and it's adding up. So by the end of this month I want that thing down to ZERO. 

 Result: Sorry I am sure a failure. Obviously this one is not a win. In fact, I still have about $140 left to pay off. But I didn't put anything new on the card this month, so that's good, right?

Decorate my office/cube. I have been with my new job for almost a month now and still have NO pictures and decorations. I need to add some "Ashleigh" to the space - aka lots of pictures of me and my friends/Tony having amazing times, duh. Oh, and a picture of my Mom is a must, too!

 Result: Not quite. Our office is undergoing a lot of renovations, so I am holding off on decorating until we are in our final spot!

No wine until my birthday. This one is going to be SO hard. But it's only 20 days without wine (I love how I made that sound easy). I would say I'd go the whole month, but not having wine on my birthday would be a sin. 

 Result: What a joke. Not even close. I broke around June 18 and there was no turning back. 

Picture collage in the living room. I have had this little project on my list since I moved in (2 years ago...) so now that we have lots of pretty pictures, and Tony's fear of putting holes in the wall has subsided a little, we are crossing this baby off the list! 

 Result: Kind of finished. Except instead of doing photos in the living room, we did this in the bedroom. And I am really happy about it.

Orioles games. I really love going down to Baltimore for Orioles games, so I want to try to at least get to one game per month this summer. Already did one in May, so now it's time for one in June. Let's go O's!

 Result: Again, not quite. Didn't make it to Baltimore, but my dad and I did get to a York Revolution game (not a major league game, but still really fun!) And I am going to an O's game in July, so there's that. 

All in all it was an okay month goal wise. I had a great time with everything else -- I just wasn't really that good with meeting all the goals I set for myself. We shall see what July brings!

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Friday, June 27, 2014

It's (Almost) Cocktail Time + Friday Faves

I am so happy to say that this week actually went by really fast. Maybe having something "planned" to do 2 out of the 4 nights so far helped? Anyhow, I decided to mix it up with week and link up with Amanda for some Friday Faves.

Favorite Thing Watched on TV:

I watched a lot of baseball this week because it's summer and I love watching baseball. My team, The Orioles, are currently on a 10-game homestand and this week they were playing the White Sox. It was very exciting because we won one of the games with a walkoff homerun in the 9th, and the other game we won by hitting a grand slam and then finishing it off in extra innings. Pretty sweet. (Sorry if you hate baseball and I just put you to sleep). 

Favorite Thing I Ate:

My weeks are usually pretty boring as far as what I am eating, but this week I mixed it up a little and made a delicious beef stir fry with brown rice. So good and not too bad for us. Needless to say it was all gone by Wednesday!

Favorite New Accessory:

I am really loving wearing my new watch when I go to work. It makes me feel extra professional and sometimes I look at it like I am making sure I am not late for some super important meeting. Because obviously. 

Favorite Outing:

Baseball game with my Dad - it was a Father's Day gift and we had great weather! (That is until it decided to rain for about 15 minutes, but then we were good.)

Favorite Song: 

I am actually listening to all of Lana del Rey's new album so I am kind of in love with all of those songs right now. Not the most upbeat stuff, but it's whatever. I still like it. 

Favorite Moment:

Being able to spend about 30 minutes on Wednesday morning having breakfast with Tony. He has been working the overnight shift and will be for the next two weeks, so this little bit of time together was nice. Plus I was an A+ fiance and made him pancakes on a work morning.  

Favorite I Am Looking Forward To:

Crabs tonight with my future in-laws! Sitting on the deck, drinking a marg & eating crabs sounds like the perfect way to end this week.


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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Irrational Fears

Last night we got some pretty intense thunderstorms in my neck of the woods. As I was lighting my candles and recalling where I keep the flashlights, I thought about all of the silly things I am scared/afraid of and also things that just worry me on a daily basis. So, a list.

// Thunderstorms - obviously. It's not so much the actual storm as it is the moment when the power goes out and everything gets dark and quiet. Hate it!

// Bees. I've never been stung, so I guess I am just afraid of the unknown.

// Tractor trailers on highways. Without fail I was always be sandwiched between two. Every.single.time.

// Airplanes/flying. This is the control freak in me coming out. I hate taking off, being in the air, and landing. So pretty much the whole experience.

// Salad. Only because I just hate it and I was forced to eat it in preschool and it made me sick. So I was scarred for life.

// Heights. This might have some kind of correlation with the flying thing.

// Being last to something/left out. I truly hate being last in line for something or feeling like I am going to miss out.

// My appendix bursting on my wedding day. Yes, this seems like it has come out of left field, but for some reason this thought popped into my head and I will randomly think about how awful this would be and then I push it out of my mind and try not to think about it.

// Dropping valuable items down the sink drain. But thanks to Juliette I won't have to worry about this anymore.

// Someone chasing/following me. I always feel like there is someone in my house whenever I am home alone, so obviously I run down the hallway and jump onto my bed to avoid said intruder. And now I realize how crazy I sound.

//  Being late for anything. I am always worried I will show up late for things and people will think I am rude, so therefore I am always early for stuff. Work, parties, appointments - you name it and I am there 15 minutes early.

Hopefully I am not the only one out there who worries/is afraid and scared of these things. 

Do you have any irrational or silly fears?

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers

According to my little to-do list it's time for me to start thinking about flowers. Which is perfect because last night we met with our potential florist for the wedding. I guess I should confess that the flower aspect of the wedding does not really interest me. Obviously, yes, we need bouquets and corsages and whatnot, but other than that I didn't really care what we did. Our venue provides centerpieces, so we don't need any flowers for that. And sure, some real flowers might look nice on the cake. Point is, flowers are probably last on my priority list. 

So I kind of shocked myself when I had the urge to look at handy dandy pinterest for flower ideas. Maybe because everything else has already been put into motion and I was looking for ideas on things that haven't been tackled - but I was actually really into the idea of flowers (for once). I wanted to share my "vision," if you will, with all of you to get some feedback and other ideas, because let's be honest, I still don't really have an eye for what will look and/or smell good. 

My Bouquet
So I really like the idea of sticking with something that is predominantly white, but still has a little "pop" of color to it. I was always under the impression that my bridesmaids could be the ones with the more colorful bouquet. Since our colors are purple with coral accents, I definitely want to incorporate those colors into my bouquet in a subtle way.

Bridesmaid Bouquets
As I was saying, I would love for my girls to have bouquets that are really colorful, and compliment my more "simple" bouquet. Again, lots of purple will be incorporated, as well as whites - and if I can find the right shade - coral, too! I'm still not 100% sure which types of flowers we will be using yet, but I am trying to find ones that won't break the bank and put us over the top on our flower budget.

Groomsmen Boutonnieres
This one should be pretty easy since the guys REALLY do not care about flowers. So I am thinking they will just wear whatever they get handed that day. I am going back and forth on whether I want them to stick with the purple theme, or just do something a little more simple. I guess that will all depend on what they end up doing for their tuxes. But in the meantime, here are some ideas that I am tossing around. 

I am planning on doing corsages and boutonnieres for our parents, grandparents and any readers at the wedding, but for now I have only mustered up the brain power to look for ideas for the main wedding party and what I would like for the archway to look like. Since we are doing the ceremony inside, I would love to spice up the actual space where we will be saying 'I do.' Again, the internet did not disappoint on ideas for ways that we could do this. But how much those ideas cost is another thing that I will just think about later :) So without further adieu, here are my thoughts on what that arch could look like all jazzed up with flowers! (Obviously there would be lots of purple...)

Wedding Wednesday
Love Always Nancy J

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Wonderful Whirlwind Weekend

Oh hey Monday, you kind of came out of nowhere. But it's okay I guess because I had a wonderful weekend and now I am going to recap all of the fun for all of you. And I am linking up with Dateless in Dallas & Showered With Design.

And I am going to start with Thursday, because hey this is my blog and if I say my weekend recap starts with Thursday, then so it does. Sorry for that little conversation I just had with myself, btw.

So, Thursday! Since I was only going to see Tony for approximately 30 minutes total on my actual birthday (Friday), he decided to make me dinner on Thursday and then take me out for my free bday Rita's Italian Ice. I was literally STARVING by the time we ate, so I didn't take any pictures of the delicious burgers/sausage/corn on the cob he made, but I did take pics of the present he got me :)

Which is funny because this year I gave him no ideas because I really didn't want any thing, more just to spend time together. So he did really good and I love my new watch. Oh, and he bought me a new car. Isn't it nice?

Juuuuuuuuust kidding. This is his new baby. I want to give her a female Russian name, but I can't think of anything good. She just strikes me as a sassy but sleek Russian lady. Don't ya think?

On to Friday... my actual birthday! Obviously went to work, because surprisingly my birthday is not a national holiday or anything and I still have to act like an adult from the hours of 7-3. Anywho, the lovely ladies I work with got my mini ice cream cups from Dairy Queen and I got to blow out a candle and it was all very nice :)

After work I stopped at home to see Tony for that whopping 30 minutes and then headed to my hometown (only about 25 mins away) to go out for some birthday drinks with my girlfrannns.

Saturday was the day I had been looking forward to all week! I had 7 of my closest friends over for a BBQ/Swim/Drinkfest. But you know my luck, it was cloudy and cool ALL day. But we still sat outside and ate and drank and my lovely fiance cooked all the food for us :) I am sad we didn't get a whole group picture, but we were just having too much fun girl talking and drinking wine!

I got a little crafty and got everyone a mason jar with their name on it. I may or may not have stolen that idea from a wedding I just went to, but oh well. Everyone liked it and only one glass fell to its death throughout the course of the night. Also the s'mores bar didn't turn out all fancy like I had originally planned, but the presentation didn't matter because they were still delicious and we all ate way too much. And major shouts out to Tony for making my pinterest-inspired table-top "fire pit" come to life!

Once we finally got to Sunday I was all birthday-ed out, but I still had one more festivity - going to a winery with my Dad for the day. We just sat on the deck and put away two bottles of wine between the two of us. We also talked about Tony and mine's honeymoon plans! Which I am super excited to share with all of you soon :)

All in all it was an amazing weekend and I am so lucky that I have so many wonderful friends and family in my life.

Dateless in Dallas

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Because It's My Birthday

Today is my birthday and as I am celebrating turning another year older, I thought it would be a fun idea to write a letter to who I was 10 years ago. Now I am off to eat cake, enjoy!

Dear 14-Year-Old Ashleigh,

It's been 10 years since I've seen you, and I have to say, things are pretty great. You may not know this now, but a lot of things are going to change for you. And a lot of things are (fortunately) going to stay the same, too.

High school is not too bad. You will never fit into one specific group or category. And this is a good thing because you are going to make all kinds of friends. Friends that you still talk to 10 years later. 

Your best friend? Yep, you two actually still talk. And she's going to be the Maid of Honor in your upcoming wedding. But I'll get to that in a little bit.

You are always going to struggle with your body. I know that by this point you already know that, but I just wanted to reassure you that the work you are putting in to try to stay at a decent weight is going to be ongoing. Keep it up. And no, you didn't get down to a size 4 before your 16th. birthday. Sorry.

You're going to have really crappy cars until you get your first job out of college. But you have an amazing guy around that can fix almost anything. So that will definitely be a plus for you. Oh, and you are going to total one of those said cars. But obviously it isn't that bad because here I am telling you about it.

College is going to be pretty good. Once you get past freshmen year. Take that marketing class in high school you are thinking about - it will reaffirm your love for marketing/communications. And since that is going to be your major in college, it's probably a good idea to get a head start.

That amazing guy I mentioned earlier? Yeah, you are going to totally blow him off when you first meet him. But then you two will get super close and start dating the summer you turn 16. So just wait a little longer, because he's great. And you are going to marry him. Check in with 30-year-old Ashleigh to see the status of how that's going....

Your life is going to be amazing. You will have ups and downs, though. Like losing a job that you absolutely loved. Having terrible roommates your freshmen year of college. Losing loved ones. Watching other people go through losing people. It won't be an easy ride, but I am here to tell you that 24-year-old Ashleigh made it, and she's pretty happy.


You. (aka 24-year-old Ashleigh) 

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Throwback of Sorts

So since today is #TBT and it's the day before my birthday, I thought hey, why not do a mini throwback to the night I turned 21? That feels like SO long ago when in reality it was only 3 years ago. And not much in the friend department has changed (most of the girls in these pictures I will actually be seeing this weekend!) And I can safely say this year's birthday I will not be that tan (ugh), and will not be that drunk (ugh, again). Enjoy -- and if you are still reading because you think there will be a bathroom pic of me vomitting you are mistaken - this girl held her liquor (at least that night...)

What did you do for your 21st birthday?

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Guest List Woes

Here we are again at Wednesday - and obviously that means it's time for me to talk about my wedding. And I should probably stop saying MY wedding and start saying OUR wedding. But let's be real, if it wasn't for me Tony would probably have us go to the court house and get married - not that there is anything wrong with that, but I like to celebrate things. So anyways...

Let's talk guest list. When we first started planning I had the number 100 in my head. And that was a good number. Then we made preliminary list and it was only like 85 people. Not okay. I wanted 100 for some reason. So I added a few people here and there and then I told Tony's mom that she could add in some friends of the family because I wanted to be inviting more than 100 because I know there will be people who can't come. 

Well, now we are up to 125 and Tony may or may not be a little miffed because if all of those people come that an additional $3K. Whoops. 

His parents keep saying they want to pay for the extra people, but we're not letting them. Because duh they already gave us money. 

I feel like this post is just me rambling about my internal conflict about the guest list and if you are still reading than you are a gem and I give you props.

But moving on.. I know I probably shouldn't have said I was going to invite old co-workers and people like that. But I already told them I was inviting them. So that makes me pretty dumb. 

I guess I am just wondering for those of you out there who have experience with having a wedding - how many people actually don't come? What are the odds that all 125 people will show up? I mean, the wedding is on a Friday night AND it's in the middle of prime college/high school graduation time.

Wedding Wednesday
Love Always Nancy J

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Busy Week & A Guest Post!

This week is turning out to be a super busy one, and I am therefore neglecting coming up with good ideas of things to post. However, before I went brain dead I did come up with something that is serving as a guest work over at Sarah's blog. She is great & I appreciate her letting me post for her while she is away!

Basically you should stay tuned because I will have some birthday festivity updates later this week, because for some reason this year we are all acting like this whole week is my birthday (I'm not complaining) and doing something Wed.-Sat. Bring on the food & wine! And since I am being a bad blogger today, I will leave you with this funny baby meme because who does like funny baby memes? :)

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Short & Sweet Weekend Recap

Happy Monday blogland! This morning's weekend recap is going to be short and sweet, because that's pretty much how the weekend went, but it was still nice nonetheless.

Of course I worked like usual, but after I decided to run some errands (aka go to the hell that is Walmart) and then come home and completely veg out. And by veg out I mean sit on the couch by myself all night watching OITNB and then some baseball, all while enjoying an adult beverage. Yes, I broke that goal for the month. But it was a nice night all to myself - just what I needed after a busy week!

Saturday was wedding day for a friend of mine from college. I met Melissa when we were just freshmen and it was really nice being able to be a part of her special day. The ceremony was lovely, and the country theme she did was really evident in all of the decorations both at the ceremony and at the reception. I was a good little blogger and did snap some photos (sorry they are just iPhone quality).


Obviously it was Father's Day, but my dad and I are going to celebrate next Sunday (combining birthday and F Day). So I had the chance to lay out in the pool and relax for a few hours, and then Tony & I made our way to a yummy dinner with his family. I was a bad blogger in this case, though, because I didn't take photo evidence of the chicken chesapeake and moscato that I inhaled. I was pretty freaking hungry by the time we got our food. Sorrrrry.

So that was that. Pretty good weekend in the books - but I have to say I am pretty pumped for the one that's coming up - and I'll be sure to share plenty of pretty pictures :) What did you do this weekend?! (Linking up with Dateless in Dallas and Showered With Design).

Dateless in Dallas

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Friday, June 13, 2014

One Ticket For the Struggle Bus

I am on a serious struggle bus this morning. I am not sure why but I am dragging ass this morning. But it's Friday so that's a plus! 

// It's Friday the 13th AND a full/super moon or something. I think that means that people/kids/dogs are going to be extra crazy today? Which is why my plan of action for tonight is to go home and curl up on the couch with OITNB. 

// Speaking of OITNB, I am not sure what I am going to do after I finish Season 2. Granted, I haven't even finished Season 1 (on episode 11!!), but I know that once I finish my binge watching I am going to feel lost and alone. Picture Piper in SHU.

// I am in serious need of a pedicure, and since I am going to a wedding tomorrow and will probs have my toes out and about, I should probably make a detour to the nail salon on my way home to binge watch TV. Good thing today was payday.

// My birthday is next Friday and I literally have plans to do something Wednesday through Sunday, with the exception of Thursday. I think people took me seriously when I said I love my birthday and it needs to be celebrated. (HA!) I am just looking forward to lots of wine. 

// On the topic of birthdays... George HW Bush celebrated his 90th birthday by jumping out of an airplane. I can't even grasp how badass that is. And I feel like it makes me feel super lame about being afraid of flying/ever jumping out of a moving object. I thought I was a daredevil by parasailing - so that should tell you something.

Okay, that's really all I can muster up for today. Hopefully some relaxation this weekend will recharge my batteries and make for some better posts.


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