Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

Before Tony and I ever got engaged I already knew who I wanted to have in my wedding party. These four girls have been my friends since high school, and I couldn't imagine spending our wedding day without them! So after the big question was popped, it was time for me to ask my girls to be my Bridesmaids (and Maid of Honor). And since I will be talking about them again on Wedding Wednesday's, let me introduce each one!
The above picture has 3 of my four bridesmaids in it! On the left is Caitlin, center is Heather, and on the right is Loren, who is actually the Maid of Honor.
This is a photo of me and my bridesmaid Megan. We have seriously known each other since Kindergarten :)

Since I can sometimes be kinda-sorta crafty, I thought it would be really fun to give each of my girls a little gift - wine-related, obviously - and a card asking them the question. So here's what I did....

Step 1: Buy wine sippy cups with purple lids to match the color of the wedding. And since I was not a blogger at the time and wasn't going to send process pictures to my friends in the wedding, I don't have any photos of the ones I bought. But these things are great! And you can buy the lids in a lot of different colors to match whatever occasion you are using them for.

Step 2: Visited AC Moore and purchased a couple sheets of glitter stickers to put their initials on their individual cup. The ones that I got were white, but you can also get them in black and other colors, too. Obviously these will not stay on if you put them through the dishwasher, so this step was more about presentation. And, luckily I did take a photo of this step to show my Mom. So there you go :)

Step 3: Placed a white ribbon around the cups for my Bridesmaids, and a purple one around the cup for my Maid of Honor. Then, I purchased a 4-pack of mini Sutter Home wine bottles to give alongside the wine cups. Because, who gives a cup to drink wine out of without any wine?!

Step 4: The final touches! I purchased really cute cards from to give to each girl, as well as a special message inside each one. Stopped by the always reliable Walmart and got white bags and purple tissue paper to wrap each cup up - it's alllllll about the presentation!

I had asked the girls to go out to brunch at this little place in Emmitsburg, Maryland. Let me just pause and tell you that this place has the BEST crab dip in the world. So not only was I getting to see my best friends, but I was also getting amazing crab dip, too. Win-win. So I gave them my little gift and card and it was a great time. Everyone said yes, and now we are all looking forward to the planning to come. Oh - and Heather was super nice and sent me a photo of her cup so that I could show the finished product. :)

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