Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Time to Work It Out!

Linking up again with Kay & Allie for Tough It Out Tuesday!

I am feeling very optimistic on this Tough It Out Tuesday. I started my new job yesterday (which is going great, so far) and already got in a great workout yesterday afternoon. It amazes me how much more energy I have working out in the afternoons than I do in the morning. Even though I didn't start my weight training yesterday, I did get in a solid 32 minutes on the elliptical.
And it's a good thing I got in such a good workout, because I went a liiiiiitle crazy with the eating on Mother's Day. My Mom and I had an amazing brunch, followed by sharing a piece of raspberry cheesecake, followed by some wine. Don't worry, we waited until it was after 12 to have wine. But there may have been mimosas during brunch. 
Point is, I am back to the grind on workouts and the eating plan. Here is what I am planning for dinners the rest of this week:

Tonight - Grilled Chicken strips with veggies
Wednesday - Ground turkey stir fry
Thursday - Dinner out (not sure yet what I will have)
Friday - Ground turkey stir fry

Luckily I can eat the same thing a few nights in a row, or else my grocery bill would be sky high! Also, I plan on doing the weight training tonight & Friday at the gym. And I really want to work in some abdominal and arm exercises, too. Does anyone have any suggestions on good workouts for my arms?! I need them to start looking wedding dress ready :)