Tuesday, May 27, 2014

So Many Drinks

I am feeling super lazy this morning, but luckily I am linking up (Dateless in Dallas and Showered With Design) - so that makes blogging a liiiiiittle bit easier :)

Can we just talk about how tired I am today? So tired that I'm not sure this post will be much more than me rambling about my weekend activities. Sooooo, I'm sorry. But this weekend was pretty great. And I am so sad that it's over. 

Let's just go day by day shall we? Friday I was lucky enough to get out of work a little bit early which gave me time to work out. And by that I mean I was able to "earn" enough calories to drink two Redd's Apple Ales. This is why I will never be thin. I work out to eat/drink. But anyways, Tony brought home crabs and we sat outside like a cute little couple and ate our crabs and drank our drinks. It was pretty great.

Saturday was baseball day! We went downtown with another couple to see the O's play. Too bad they lost - badly. We still had fun and I may have drank six a few mango-ritas. In fact, this weekend was basically a drinking fest. And my liver is not thanking me right now.

Then came Sunday. Oh, Sunday. Sunday meant it was time for our girl's night wine pairing. And by wine pairing, that meant lots of food and about 20 different bottles of wine. It was amazing and I am just going to show you pictures from it because it's Tuesday morning and I am not feeling very descriptive.

Monday was basically just a relaxing day that gave me some time to recover and get ready for the week. I am so happy about this short work week! Annnd I apologize for such a boring blog post, but that happens sometimes, right? I promise I'll step it up for the rest of the week. 

Dateless in Dallas

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