Friday, May 30, 2014

Short Weeks are the Best

Don't you just LOVE short weeks? Well if you don't, there is no chance we will ever be friends. Because I think they are the best thing ever. Moving on....

// We got our engagement photos back and I am completely in love with them and have made about 15 different Save the Date options. I know, I am a little crazy. But it's really hard to decide and of course Tony doesn't really care either way. I am just happy that we look great and I think I am officially done talking about those photos now. 

// I found out yesterday that freaking O-town has gotten back together. My 12-year-old self is jumping up and down in complete and utter joy. Too bad Ashley Angel decided to be a party pooper and act like he's too good to reunite. I take back the kiss on the cheek I gave him when we met that fateful day in September when I got to go backstage. Seriously, I was a huge fan. 

// I feel like I need to apologize to anyone who was in my presence Wednesday & Thursday. Due to my uterus hating me, I was a total bitch not a very nice person. When you start picking fights over what time you eat dinner, that's when you know it's your fault. But I am really stubborn and hardly every apologize and will just find ridiculous reasons for why I was right in getting mad.

// It's been really hard to go to bed at a reasonable time when Tony is on night shift. To the point where I am finding things to do just to stay up. Example: designed 2 different wedding guestbook options. Why? Because I am a little bit of an idiot sometimes. 

// I'm finally getting paid today since starting my new job, and thank the Lord, because I'M GOING WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING THIS WEEKEND. Even though I am not paying for the dress, I feel like having a little extra moolah in the bank is a good thing to be armed with when you are looking at designer dresses. Plus, dress shopping always means brunch, which means mimosas, and duh, tomorrow is going to be amazing.



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