Thursday, May 22, 2014

My Anti-Bucket List

This past weekend I came up with a 25 Before 25 list, and that got me thinking about some things that I hope I never have to experience. So, I present to you my anti-bucket list. 

// I hope I never have to touch a snake
// I hope I never have to fly for more than 8 straight hours, because this is totally me when flying..

// I hope I never have to move to another state
// I hope I never jump out of a plane voluntarily or involuntarily (you sky divers are way braver than me!)
// I hope I never lose touch with my high school friends who are still there for me
// I hope I never total another car
// I hope I never get another heart-dropping phone call
// I hope I never stay in a hospital overnight – with the exception of having a baby
// I hope I never have to start dating again
// I hope I never make another horrible baked mac n’ cheese recipe

// I hope I never spend any Holiday alone
// I hope I never break a bone
// I hope I never lose my love for wine (hahahaha, who are we kidding?)
// I hope I never get too skinny people don’t recognize me

We all know those last two are a complete safe bet not to happen, but a girl can dream (at least about the last one). It was definitely harder to come up with a list of things I don’t want to experience, so maybe that makes me a positive person? Eh, probably just too lazy to think of more.

What’s your anti-bucket list?