Friday, May 16, 2014

Gotta Get Down on Friday

Oh hey, it’s Friday! This week flew by until Wednesday, slowed down a little, but we made it here. Hopefully everyone in one piece. And now it’s time for me to recap my week/give you a small weekend preview with my 5 on a Friday. 

1 // NEW JOB! Yep, started my new job this week and so far I love it. Between the people I am working with and the 10 minute commute, I was seriously the happiest girl this week. And, the fact that I am averaging about 6.5-7 hrs. (thanks for the tracking, FitBit!) per night, makes for an overall more pleasant Ashleigh. 
2 // Instagram Annoyances. Seriously, I don’t know what was going on this week but I feel like a good 5-6 people I follow on Instagram posted multiple pictures of their kids in like 5-10 minute time spans. But instead of me talking about this too much here, be sure to check out Samantha’s blog next week for a guest post about this.
3 // Ashleigh – 1; Bee – 0. I had my first run in with a bee in the house this week. This sucker was on the screen of the window in the kitchen, and me being the stealthy person that I am snuck up on him with a notebook ready to attack. I took a swing and thought that I missed him, so I quickly shut the window and ran away like a little girl. But to my surprise, I must have injured him (are bees boys?) because he is now dead in between the window and the screen. Sorry not sorry. I hate bees!
4 // Cubicle Life. So I need some ideas on ways that I can jazz up my new cubicle. Right now it’s pretty much empty and grey/brownish – as you can see. I am thinking of sprucing it up with some pictures, organizers, a white board & of course some color! Stay tuned for updates :)
5 // Weekend Plans – got some good ones! Tomorrow includes a little pampering (manicure), and then a bridal shower for a college friend. And then Sunday is the day that Tony & I have been looking forward to: engagement pictures! You all remember how stressed out I was over the perfect outfits? Well hopefully I made the right choice(s)!
Now let’s all do a happy dance that today is Friday and we’re also only 9 days away from the unofficial kickoff of summer.