Monday, May 5, 2014


Feliz Cinco de Mayo! 

So it's Monday again, but at least this Monday it is 100% acceptable to drink lots of margaritas and eat chips & dip. Because that's how us Americans celebrate a Mexican holiday, duh. So since it's Monday and I am having trouble opening my eyelids, I am going to do a quick weekend recap for you all.


 Friday after work Tony and I went to his parents house for a little birthday celebration for his Dad. There was lots of food, wine & a golden retriever, aka Rocky, who kept us warm while sitting on the deck. Oh, and on Friday I realized that a 13 and 16-year-old are cooler than me. These kids get like 100+ likes on every single Instagram photo they post. How is that even possible? Ugh, to be young & cool again.
 So then Saturday consisted of me going shopping in hopes to find the perfect outfit for our engagement photos in two weeks. Um, yeah I may have had a minor freakout in the dressing room of Kohls. I probably tries on about 8 different shirts and at least 3 different pairs of jeans before I found something I only kind of like. And will probably take back. So then I ventured to my trusty Maurices store. I think I found the outfit that I am going to go with, but with the photos not happening for another 2 weeks, who the hell knows what I'll do by then.
This is the top half of the outfit I think I am going to go with. Our wedding colors are purple with accents of coral, so this works right?!
So then after my shopping fiasco, I stopped by Toys-R-Us to pick up these little gems for the 3rd Birthday Party of our friends' daughter. Which is kind of scary that we have gotten to the stage in our lives where we are going to birthday parties for kids of our friends. Ugh, so old. But anyways, I didn't even know what/who Sophia the First was until I started looking for a gift for her. Whatever happened to Barbies and Barney? When I was 3, I was obsessed with them! Seriously, I had every Barbie you could imagine, as well as a Barney-themed birthday party. Don't judge me.

Oh, and on Saturday Tony finished our outdoor kitchen project. He has been working so hard on it for the last 3 weeks or so, and we couldn't be happier with the result! I fully understand how lucky I am to be marrying a man that can build practically anything. It may take up a lot of our time together, but it saves so much money in the long run. So cheers to that - and many summer days/nights on our little patio!

Love these cushions! Still debating on if we should get an outdoor rug though.


Sunday another busy day. We went to above mentioned birthday party - which had a freaking bouncy house! Kids these days have so much cool stuff. I never had a castle bouncy house. But I digress...
Then we had a couple friends over for an impromptu cookout. Surf & turf was had, as well as many beers and white sangria. I was so hungry and excited to be eating on our patio that I only snapped one photo. Everything was delicious & it was a great way to end a jam packed weekend :)

So now back to the daily grind. What was everyone else up to this weekend?