Friday, May 9, 2014

Extra Sleep, Eggs & A Drug Test?

Yep, my Five on Friday for ya.

1. Extra Sleep is ALWAYS a Good Thing
Yesterday was my last day at the firm I was working for. So that means today I am free from the working world..... until Monday. But that translated to me getting extra sleep today. And by extra sleep I mean getting up around 7:30 instead of 5. It's the little things people!
2. Breakfast
Since I am actually at home during the hours of breakfast, I made myself a nice little meal consisting of scrambled eggs, ground turkey, a banana & of course coffee. I love being able to actually sit and eat breakfast as opposed to scarfing down some almonds and a banana in the car. Again, it's the little things.
3. Momma's Day
I am really looking forward to spending some quality time with my Mom this weekend. I am being the best daughter ever and taking her to this semi-fancy restaurant that she has always wanted to eat at. Oh, and I got her one of those Diamond Candles. So fingers crossed she doesn't end up getting something hideous looking. 
4. Shift Work Sucks
Big tiiiiime. Tony is back to working a different shift every single week for the rest of our lives. Well, maybe that's a little dramatic. At least for the next few years, though. And it really sucks. Like tonight, he has to go to work at 9:30. Um, what if someone tries to come and steal me from the house? There's no watch dog or anything. However, there is the plus of being able to spread out on the bed and not hear any snoring while I sleep. Okay, sorry I am rambling now. 
5. A Drug Test
My new job is requiring me to get a physical and drug test. So that's what I am about to go do right now. Obviously I am going to pass, what do you think of me? But I always feel nervous for some reason. Like I said, there is no doubt I will pass, but it's like "Oh my God what if they find something scary in my pee that means I am dying and all I was trying to do was get a new job?!?!" 

Yeah, I am being completely over-dramatic today. I apologize. I promise to chill it out once I find out I am not dying. 

Happy Friday!!