Thursday, May 29, 2014

December 26, 2013

So I have decided that the time to share our engagement story has come. Since the wedding one year away, I thought this would be the perfect time :) And I know, I did a wedding-related post yesterday. Sue me.

Before I tell give the details of the actual day, let me back up and give you some context. I FELT LIKE I WAITED FOREVER. Really, it was only 7 years and 4 months (not that I was counting, duh.) We met in high school at the young age of 16. After being friends for almost a year, we started dating. Our relationship did have its “rocky” times (i.e. breaking up for a summer), but we managed to keep things strong through senior year of high school, my four years at college, and finally live together for a year and a half without killing each other. 

2006 - one week into dating :)

2006 - Our first Homecoming dance together
What’s important to know about Tony and me is that we are opposite and alike at the same time. I am outgoing, he would rather not be around a lot of people. I trust people too easily, and he is more reserved. On the other hand, though, we do think alike and agree on basic subjects like religion and politics.

Fast forward to December 26, 2013. I had a feeling that something was up. Tony had been planning for us to take a mini trip to Hershey the day after Christmas since the summer. Oh, that reminds me of another difference – I am a planner, he is not. Which is why I knew this trip was going to be something special. 

After we checked into our room at the Hershey Lodge, the plan was to grab a bite to eat and wait for the park to open. Btw, if you’ve never been to Christmas in Hershey you need to go. It’s amazing and it really is the sweetest place on Earth. Anyways, we ate dinner then ventured into the park. 

2013 - Riding the train together in the park
We hit up all the usual spots – the reindeer pen, hot chocolate stand, old-fashion train, gift shop. Our last stop was the Kissing Tower. I had this little inkling that maybe, just maybe, the proposal could happen here. But, it was closed. It was at this point that Tony started to act funny and on edge.

Since we had done everything we had wanted to do, we went back to Chocolate world for some dessert and more hot chocolate. Then we decided that we were just going to go back to the Lodge and drink (see, it’s not just me who likes to drink ;)). We went outside and found the spot where the shuttle that had dropped us off at the park said it would be to pick people up to go back. That’s when it happened.

*Standing in front of the ‘Welcome to Candylane’ sign*

T: We were supposed to get on the Kissing Tower
A: Aw, I know. Oh well, maybe it will be open tomorrow
T: Well, I didn’t want to do this here, but I am going to….
Bended knee. Sparkly ring. “Will you marry me?” “YES! YES!” And we’re engaged. Even though it wasn’t his plan to propose at the entrance of the park, I loved everything about it. Especially the part when two strangers walked by and shared in our excitement by taking a photo of us newly engaged lovebirds. 

2013 - Moments after getting engaged!
And of course, the sparkler :) He did an amazing job!!

Everything about it was perfect to me, even if Tony's plan did get a tad bit messed up. After we got back to our room, made calls to our parents and best friends, we decided to treat ourselves to many drinks at the bar - and of course talk about a wedding! It really was the perfect night.

And there you have it. Now only 12 more months until we say ‘I do.’