Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Because It's Time to Get Back on the Wagon

So I've decided to jump on board and take part in the Tough it out Tuesday link-up that is hosted by Allie & Kay. I am hoping that this will be good motivation for me to put my workouts into overdrive and really start shedding some weight before my wedding in a little over a year. So I guess since this is my first TIOT (I love abbreviations, sorry), I'll give a little background on my weight loss/fitness & what workouts I am doing as of right now.

I have never been a "skinny" person. All through grade school I was overweight and was made fun of constantly. Then my Mom and I joined Weight Watchers and I lost over 53 pounds in just one year. When I was 13. It was pretty amazing and that was the skinniest I have ever been. Throughout high school and college I went up and down with my weight, but luckily never back to the heaviest I was before joining WW for the first time. 

Last year I did the 17 Day Diet for a good three months and was SO happy with the way I looked. Unfortunately, the summer happened, then the fall, then the holidays, then I lost my job, then I started a new job, then I got engaged, and here I am, no longer happy with how I am looking. I hate to even show the photo comparison below, but this is all about being honest with yourself, right? So on the left, there I am on NYE of this year. And then on the right, what I like to call my 'skinny' time, was me in June 2013. Crazy how much your body can change in just 7 months!

I am currently in the process of changing jobs (again), and will have more time to workout once I start said new job next week. But as of right now I have been getting up at the butt crack of dawn, and by that I mean like 5:05 a.m., and getting my not so little butt to the gym. 30 minutes on the elliptical is about all that I am doing right now due to time constraints. But here are my goals for what I would like to accomplish after I start my new job:

++  Complete 30 minutes on the elliptical 5x per week
++  Complete arm/abdominal workouts 3x per week
++  Complete lower body workouts 2x per week
++  Step on a scale and find out what my weight actually is

I know these aren't very crazy goals, but I know that these goals are definitely "doable" - and something I can commit to for the rest of the month of May. The fact that I am saying I will step on a scale at some point this month is pretty big for me. I get discouraged very easily by the scale, so sometimes I try to take a step back and not worry about the number. But I think the time has finally come.

Wish me luck!