Friday, May 23, 2014


TGIFFFFF. And thank God it's a Friday before a holiday weekend! So, here are my 5...

// I really enjoy having my nails all pretty and manicured. Plus, the no-chip stuff is great because it stays on forever and makes me not bite my nails. Win-win.

// Yesterday for work me and three co-workers helped out with an event that was downtown. We just decided to eat lunch while we were down there at a little sandwich place. I am trying REALLY hard not to eat like crap (at least during the week), and wouldn’t you know they gave us all a FREE cookie. You can’t say no to a free cookie.  It’s actually against the law. So there went that whole eating thing…

// I finally watched the Grey’s Anatomy finale this week and balled my eyes out like the emotional girl I can be 85% of the time. I always feel SO weird crying over a show, especially if Tony is sitting there, and he had just come in from outside and looked at me like I was crazy. Sorry I have a heart and Meredith’s best friend is leaving for good and they will never dance it out again!

// I had my blog redesign done by Erin and I LOVE it. So take a look around and enjoy all of the prettiness. And don’t forget to follow me if you like what you see (and read), or don’t. But that would make me realllll sad.

// This holiday weekend has the potential to be completely amazeballs. Instead of boring you by listing everything I have planned, let me just sum it up in a few words: Maryland Crabs, Wine Pairing, Baseball game, TONS of food. Yup I seriously can’t wait. 


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